Friday, June 6, 2014


It is Friday, and today is "National Donut Day".  Were you aware of that exciting fact?
Me neither.  I heard it on the early morning news program.  Immediately, I thought of a
conversation that I was listening to recently.  One of the ladies had just moved to our area
from North Carolina, and she was raving about the Krispy Kreme Donut Store in the south,
and what their donuts tasted like, when coming out of the oven.  As you can imagine, that
statement opened up an interesting discussion from many, around the table.  Since I am not
near any Krispy Kreme stores, and even if I was, I am sure that particular donut was
on my list of things to eat today, I decided to create my own style of donuts for the
little ones coming this evening.

By the way, I received the donut card a while ago, and inside it says, "Another day,
another donut".  Avanti Company does a great job in coming up with fun cards.

This box of fresh, ripe, sweet tasting strawberries from the neighboring farm, was sitting on my
kitchen island.  I just had to use those, but how???

Then I saw the remaining half of angel food cake sitting on the counter also, left over from a
dinner I where I was to bring a dessert, earlier this week.  I sliced the left over cake.  I got my
small biscuit cutter and my mini heart cookie cutter, and I proceeded to cut each slice like a
donut.   When I was done, I had a plate of white fluffy angel food donuts.

Next I placed a red strawberry on top of each tiny heart cutout. 

I just had to continue on, and I pulled the dark chocolate cream cheese snack delight
container from my refrigerator.  I put some in my little zip lock bag, cut a mini hole
out of the corner, placed the bag in the microwave for only a few seconds to soften
it, and then drizzled  the softened, gooey, chocolate goodness over top of every "donut".

I am not sure the five young children will be as happy with these sweet creations, as they
would be with some "real" chocolate glazed donuts, but at least they will help their grand-
parents celebrate the important:) "National Donut Day".  You must admit, I did come up
with a healthy, colorful donut, didn't I?

Speaking of strawberries...look what I found at the end of the summer sale at Target,
last September.  The real to life looking produce tea towels were hanging at the
end of the isle, and I noticed they were only .88 cents each.  What a deal!
Now, if I need a small gift, I will make a loaf of my strawberry bread and wrap the
towel around it, tie it with a coordinating ribbon.
Quick, inexpensive, and oh, so pretty!

I also purchased this towel.  I might do the same with this one, only with whipping
up a loaf of my carrot and pineapple bread.  Sometimes, it pays to purchase things
at the end of the season, when the prices are so low. 

One more item on the strawberry/donut post.  I found this salt and pepper shaker
set, at an flea market last summer.  Did anyone you know in your past, have
a piece like this one on their table? 

I cannot believe that another week has come to an end.  The weather forecast sounds
good for this weekend.  What a lovely time of the year!  My pink and red rose bushes
are overflowing with blooms.  Strawberries, roses, and donuts...I hope you enjoyed
your "little something from me" today.

Wishing you moments of joy in your weekend!


Stacey said...

I didn't know it was National Doughnut Day until an hour ago or so. If I had know, it would have been mighty tempting. Krispy Kremes are pretty wonderful. Right when you walk in the door they hand you a hot one. That's enough for me but of course, you still have to buy some and take them home. The treats you made for your grandkids are perfect. You are so creative and I love that you share your ideas.

I bought some of those towels and gave them for gifts. They are so pretty.

debi said...

Love Krispy Kremes...last time I had them I had 3...I haven't had the nerve to go near them again...:-)
Love those dish towels!

Have a great weekend, Hugs! said...

I heard that on the radio this morning too. I can't imagine any of them tasting any better than your beautiful creations. I know the kids loved them!

Debbie said...

Nope didn't know about national donut day, though hubby just recently found me some gluten free ones that are just delicious! I have to be disciplined or I will eat more then one! Yours look wonderful to me! Haven't had a Krispy Kreme in years! They are REALLY hard to beatn though. LOVE your pretty rose header Enjoy your week-end!!

Anonymous said...

yummy strawberries.... liked this post a lot....


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