Monday, June 30, 2014

Last evening, we gathered around the kitchen table, to celebrate a special birthday.

Seven years old, is a happening worthy of celebration.

Centerpiece...a few bunches of faux flowers that I found at Michael's Store, 50% off.
I put pink tissue into a glass candy dish, added the flowers, and two pinwheels.
Pastel colored flower light strand...the Dollar General.  Pink frame...dollar bins
at Michael's.  Birthday banner...from the laundry cupboard and has been used over
and over again.

Tiny lip gloss ice cream parfaits for the little girls.

A simple, fun celebration, which was most special because of time spent together.

After a hot, busy day, the youngest of the family, had trouble staying awake for the dinner.

Two packs of colorful disposable cups from Michael's, served as the flower pots.
Bottom layer, brownie crumbs.  Next layer...softened vanilla ice cream.  I cut straws into
pieces and placed a piece into the layer of ice cream and crumbs. Top layer...crushed
Oreo cookies.  Cut a flower and leaf stem from clump of flowers, and placed down
through the straw.  Butterflies were from a sheet of stickers, and stuck onto the side
of each cup.

I made these little flower pots ahead of time and placed, covered in the freezer,
on a big white tray.
I removed them a few minutes ahead of serving time, and then added a few
birthday candles to the pots.

Ice cream would be her choice of desserts, and so this version of a cake worked for
her.  What a blessing her life is to all of us.

Thank you for stopping by today. 


Debbie said...

You always have the best ideas! Soo cute! Happy birthday to your cute little miss!

Happy@Home said...

You have such a nice way of making a birthday girl feel extra special. I think you thought of every detail and executed them all so beautifully.
I love all of the photos, but the last one is so sweet. She seems to be bursting with happiness and love.
Happy Birthday to her.

Judy said...

How cute is that! That is a most special way of serving ice-cream, for sure! Happy Birthday to your sweet granddaughter.

Anneliese said...

The little guy with his face planted in the pillow made me laugh. Too bad for his lone partner at the table.

Christine said...

You have the best parties!
What I like about them is that they are full of LOVE.
Plus, your creative ideas are wonderful.

Did the little feller get dinner?

Just a little something from Judy said...

Thank you Christine! Yes, he did finally get awake, and eat dinner. He has always been slow at getting awake:)


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