Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Once again, I have been attempting drawer organization of my desk area.  I found some sheets
of rub-on designs that I purchased at one time or the other, from one of my local craft stores.
And, as often happens to me, I found myself sidetracked.  Why does that happen to me?

I pulled an empty jar from the cupboard above my refrigerator, and rubbed one of the pretty
little violets onto the cleaned jar front, with the wooded popsicle stick that was included.

Then more sidetracking happened, and I walked outside to my overflowing pot on the porch,
and picked a tiny bouquet of like colored flowers.  Now, you know why it takes me so long
to organize my drawers and cupboards:)
The process continued as I made a simple card and rubbed on
an even tinier violet design to the card.  I knew as I was doing this,
who would be the recipient of my sidetracking project, as I have
a dear friend who I has always had a thing for violets.  Whenever,
I see violets, I think of her.  We all have people like that in our
lives, that when we know they like something, we think of them whenever
we see that item. 
I had my daughter in mind when I pulled out a few more of my empty
jars out of the same cupboard, and took my sheet of green fern designs, and
proceeded to do the same rub-on process.  Then I walked outside and picked a
few of my real ferns to complete the vignette.  She is having a group of
friends over this weekend, and using ferns to add to her green and white theme.
She will take these few pieces and do her own magic with them.

Yes, now that I shared this, I was made more aware than ever, why the needed
routine of "organizing", is an endless project for me.  Hope you are doing better at that
chore, than I have been.

Happy Wednesday!


Happy@Home said...

If this is what happens when you get sidetracked, I think being sidetracked is a very good thing. I tend to think the recipients of your beautiful little vases would also agree.
I have never used the rub on transfers and am wondering if they stay put if the vases need to be washed? I have several little jars that I have saved and think this is a great idea for repurposing them. Thanks so much for sharing this, Judy.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Dear Kim,
Thank you for your visit and your kindness. I am sure at times you must wonder about me:) The rub-on transfers are easy to use, but I am sure one cannot wash them with soap and water. With the votive holders, simply wiping them with a slightly damp towel, is my method of cleaning them. It is more a method of recycling fun, than anything else.

There are rub-on transfer sections at Michaels, A.C.Moore stores, and JoAnn Fabric stores, in case you are interested.

debi said...

What great ideas! I have begun a collection of jars thanks to your :-) I now pretty much always use them as vases, I love the look. I recently started getting rid of my 'fancy' know I need more room for jars!
I love re organizing...but I too get easily side tracked. Oh well if that's the worst thing we're doing alright :-)


Anneliese said...

Love what you did with the fern in the jars. My granddaughter was helping me do flower arrangements last week and again I saw how she loves fern. She actually told me that she wants to use it for her wedding on day. No rush there.. but she is dreaming. I wondered what you could do with fern and here it is. Simple beauty!

Ray Toms said...

I often get sidetracked but I can tell you my sidetracking never results in such beautiful creations as yours does!!!

Your friend will be delighted in her vase of violets and I know your daughter will be blessed with your beautiful vases to help with her theme.

Thank you for sharing your ideas

Judy said...

I'm smiling here...since I am being sidetracked from the cleaning chores at hand to come read a few of my favorite blogs. And I'm glad I came for a visit...because (as always) you have a little something creative to share. What a fun idea!

corners of my life said...

Such a fun distraction and as usual ever so creative.


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