Thursday, June 26, 2014

Remember my old, wooden spools of thread from a post years ago?  Spools from the
days when my mother made our clothing, as children.  Well, they continue to provide
fun for our grandchildren, although I must admit, I do try to keep them from pulling them
out of my cupboard.  I cannot tell you how often I have unknowingly walked into thread
created spider webs, after they have been playing with them.

This week, out came the thread tin.  Quietly, our grandson was working.  He would
wind thread between two distant knobs, over and over again.  When he finally took
the thread off of the knobs, he came up with his own toupee piece.

Looking like the above piece which he placed on the kitchen island.
When I inquired as to what it was, he immediately placed it on his head.

I still smile every time I see this picture.  What ingenuity!  A toupee creation from thread.
I think he should market it.  He said that his grandpa could use it:)

Here he has it as a toupee with a pony tail.  Imagine that!  Not only could he eliminate
baldness, but he could offer ponytails too.

Or, how about an instant beard?  The stays at our home offer some interesting pastime.
I want them to expand their God given creativity.  Do you think it is working?
Does it make you look at thread differently?   I am sure it will never make the pages
of the "Family Fun" magazine, but for these children, it provided lots of laughter.

I had a card filled with felt mustaches from the dollar store.  They said, "they
all wanted to look like paw pa".  And, so they did:)

Simple happenings at our home this June.  Aren't you glad that you stopped by?

I close with this card that my sister sent to me.  I laughed so much when I received it, although
it does have a familiar ring to it.  There are times...

Happy Thursday to each one of you! 


Judy said...

I'm smiling. At the toupee...the moustached grands...and the card featuring words that hit close to home!

I'm always glad I stopped by. :)

debi said...

I can totally relate to that card! Oh well, we just keep moving forward...
Love all the creative kid fun, what awesome grandparents you two are!


Happy@Home said...

Yes, I'm always glad I stopped by.
Today you made me chuckle. I think your grandsons toupees look better than some of the real ones I've seen.
A clever and creative young man :).

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

How cute is this! I got my Grans some of the stick on mustaches from the $$$ store and they had so much fun with them.

Looks like a whole lot of great memories being made around your house.

lindsey said...

Great photos and great idea! I know a certain grandpa that could do with one too ;)

corners of my life said...

Shoot - i just sent an old sewing basket filled with threads to the rummage sale and now I have grand-babies coming on Monday. It could have been so fun. Alas.


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