Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday morning fun with the five little ones (in our care for the weekend).
We cautiously walked down the wooden stairs to the creek below.
The woods were quiet, and the water sparkled with the look of a million diamonds.
We had just purchased five pairs of water shoes at the local Walmart.

The shallow, rippling water provided the best kind of playground for everyone.

School is over!  It is the weekend!  Why not kick back and just chill in the warm sun!

Let me tell you, my husband and I were constantly "on duty", making sure everyone was
accounted for at any given moment.  Despite the shallowness of the water, there were areas
that were best for them to play in.

Five children, two buckets, two shovels, and one chair in which to sit in the water.
Instantly we both took on the role of life guards and referees:), wondering the whole time
why we did not bring more buckets?

They dug in the mud, and discovered all types of little creatures.
Eagerly I gazed at the worms, the clams, the water bugs, and the
the collection of smooth stones that each one found fascinating.
You know what?  I raised three daughters in my lifetime, and for
some reason I did not have many encounters with the above mentioned
creatures.  I conjured up all the enthusiasm possible, whenever I was
shown each discovery.  All the while, cringing inside.
I loved watching their carefree spirits as they eagerly partook in this
Saturday morning adventure. 

At the end of our time in the water, we had a picnic on the lawn of my brother and sister-
in-law's home.  We all appreciated their kind generosity, in sharing their creek and back
yard with us. 

One little guy loves his paw pa so much, that he wanted to wear his hat, his sunglasses,
and his sandals to eat the picnic lunch.  For dessert, we all ate my donuts from yesterday's
post, in celebration of National Donut Day.

The weather is gorgeous today!  Hope you are enjoying your day, and I do hope it does
not include gazing at too many slimly little worms:)


lindsey said...

It certainly looks like you were kept on your toes, I don't know about you but I am sure I am more cautious with my grandchildren than I was with my own children!

That is such a beautiful spot to take young children with so much look at and experience I'm sure you were all truly blessed.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

What precious memories you made with your Grans. Water always makes for more fun. We're going to get to spend some time with both of our Grans this coming week and we are so excited! Blessings!

debi said...

Too funny...I raised boys so it wasn't a surprise to pull a snail out of a pocket prior to tossing in the washer... Oh I could write a book...
Still....they made me squirm. Khloe loves snails and worms??? Did not see that coming.


Anneliese said...

Your schools are out earlier that here and these pictures are great! Don't you just love outdoor photo opportunities like this? Just beautiful! Love that you don't just have grand girls! My Sister -in-law had three girls and now has four grandsons . . . that's it. Such a different world view, but so much fun.

Christine said...

I learned to do what you do, DON'T ACTED SHOCKED!, when faced with a yucky creature.
Great memory making you all had!


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