Monday, March 18, 2013

Today I was at my friend's home.  You remember the one who is so gifted at creating simple, elegant and intriguing vignettes.

She explained that at first she just had the rabbit sitting on the tray, but when she stood back to look at it, she knew it needed something added to it.  She looked around her house, sees the green wreath, adds it, and now it was complete.  Focal points change with the seasons in her home, and I enjoy seeing how she does it all.

Since fresh daffodils were not available, she opened one of her coffee table books, to the page of daffodils, and that did the trick.  What a beautiful and colorful idea!

She received this glass container for her birthday, and it looked so cheery sitting as a centerpiece on her dark wooden table.  A few bright red tulips with their stems cut short...what a great idea!

Don't you love their delicate design of these tulips?

On the round wooden table by the window, she displayed her old crocks, and a few more red tulips.  I like how she takes objects of hers that she likes, are of the same shapes, and clusters them together, so that they look so right together.

Including a small bowl crock filled with letters.  Who would have thought of doing this?  Made me want to sit down and start creating some words.

Her kitchen window sill with a few colorful votive holders.  Simple, yet so artistically arranged.

Pussywillows from last year, were carefully arranged in the white ironstone pitcher, decorating her kitchen island.  My friend has treasures from the past, an eye for grouping objects together, and gives everyone who enters her home, some visual treats. She excels in creating an inviting and welcoming atmosphere in her home.

On this snowy, cold Monday evening, it is a fun to share these touches of Spring with you.

Thank you for stopping by.


Love Being A Nonny said...

love the green wreath and the bunny!

Judy said...

Love your 'shared' touches of spring whatever the weather may be doing at the moment! Hope you can close the door on winter soon.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

I have enjoyed visiting with your friend and seeing the very sweet and cheerful vignettes!

Lovella ♥ said...

I do enjoy artistic beauty displayed in hospitality! Your friend is gifted and I couldn't help but think how lovely your conversation must have been.


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