Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dear Grandma,

Can you believe that I am now a grandma?  I think of you so often as I walk

past this picture, on my living room shelf.  You lived to be 96 years old, and

yet you never seemed "old" to me.  You were such a wonderful blessing in

my life.  You taught me so many valuable lessons, and you were

never too busy for me, or anyone.  Grandma, I clearly remember when you

turned 60 years old.  I remember the dinner to celebrate you reaching that

age.  I never remember stopping to wonder if I would ever reach that

age, but today I turned 59 years old, and I cannot believe it.  One more

year and I will be 60.  Thank you dear grandma for always being

a cheerful role model for me.   Even though you are now in heaven, I want

to share a few of the lessons I learned from you, with my blogging friends.

I smile as I do that, because I know that blogging is one thing you never

did.  You never even owned a computer or a cell phone.

That's okay, I will share them anyway;

You taught me that "haste makes waste", and to this day I find

myself repeating that phrase:)

You taught me that no matter what one's clothing looks like, they will

always look better when they are pressed neatly:)

You stressed the importance of clean sheets and a fresh smelling bed.

You taught me if someone treated me unfairly, that I did not have to try to

get even with them.  You said, "God would take care of that." 

You taught me that hard work never hurt anyone, and if a job needed to be

done, you would say, " just do it," and don't wait for someone else to do it.

I often heard you say, "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."   I am

still a bit puzzled by that saying.

And, many times you repeated one of your favorite Bible verses to

me, and that was, "Be ye kind one to another, tender hearted, forgiving one


So you see grandma's words and actions do stick with their grandchildren.

Today, as I celebrate another year, I also celebrate you and all that you did

to inspire and encourage me along my life's journey.   I sincerely hope, that

if I ever live to be 96 years old like you did in your last year of life here,

that I will be a kind, gracious, and caring lady like you always were to me.

To all of you my blogging friends, thank you for all that I continually learn

from each and every one of you, too!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a beautiful letter...What a beautiful blog....Have a Happy Easter

Happy@Home said...

I believe I know, without a doubt, that your dear grandmother is smiling in heaven right about now. What a sweet and loving letter you have written to her. What a special lady she was and that photo is so sweet.
Happy Birthday to you, dear Judy. You have added so much to my life despite the fact that we have not really met. I hope your day was a special one.

Debbie said...

What a beautiful letter you have written here for your precious Grandma! How it would thrill her heart! I too have put sooo much thought into HOW will my grandchildren remember me? I want to be remembered as someone who loved UNCONDITIONALLY, encouraged always, and always reminded them of God's great love for them. Happy birthday sweet Judy! (I right behind you, 59 in September!) Hope you had a wonderful day! Know that you ALWAYS encourage and bless me here at your blog....HUGS

lindsey said...

Such a beautiful post Judy and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You look so much younger than 59.....not that 59 is old by any means :) You have certainly inherited your wonderful Grandma characteristics from this delightful lady. The photograph is one to be treasured.

Melinda said...

I am sure your Grandmother is quite proud of all that you have accomplished.

Your Easter centerpieces are adorable.

I have a fun post up right now, come on over.

M :)

Judy said...

She taught you many valuable life lessons! And you in turn are an encouragement and inspiration to many. Happy Birthday, Judy.

Anneliese said...

I was scrolling through your posts and saw this precious letter. It encourages us to say the right things today ... just as you did in a more recent post.


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