Friday, March 29, 2013

Quietly and without fanfare, fresh life breaks forth everywhere, without any supervision on anyone's part.
I discovered these little beauties in what was, only last week, a brown, barren space of earth under the big, old tree in our daughter's front garden.
I wondered as I examined their delicate beauty, who told them that now was the time to come forth?

Their brilliant colors and exquisite designs draw everyone's attention.

So many varied shades and hues.

With an artist's pallette, and strokes from a skilled and gifted artist, the outdoor galleries are in abundance now.

And our world does their best to copy their colors and hues, especially this time of the year.

All of this, from small, round bulbs under the brown earth.


The stores offer their holiday creations, and traditions continue, year after year.  Treasures depicting the holiday, we pull out of our attics, and smile as we do.

But, best of all, herein lies the real reason for it all.  The reason we rejoice, and the reason we sing.  The whole purpose and original beginning of the holiday we know as Easter...all hinged on one powerful statement...He lives!  It makes all the difference, in everything!

Wishing each and everyone of you, time with those you love, time to just be together and share, time to enjoy the beauty of nature's fine outdoor shows, and time to reflect on the reason for it all.

Happy Easter my friends!


Melinda said...

Those flowers are gorgeous!

Happy Easter to you and yours!

M :)

lindsey said...

Beautiful photo's Judy as I look out my window and see snowflakes fluttering down...hope they don't settle. That cake looks wonderful, I would just love a bite :)

Debbie said...

And to you sweet Judy! Those flowers are GORGEOUS! HUGS

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

He lives! That sure does say it all. I love the cake with the empty tomb. perfect. Happy Resurrection Day to you and your precious family!

BARBIE said...

What beautiful flowers! Happy Easter!

Lauren said...

Happy Easter Judy! Such beautiful photos -- to match a lovely sentiment! He lives! Alleluia!

Judy said...

Beautiful blooms! Hope you had a wonderful and blessed Easter celebration with your family.

Kathleen said...

Here in the Pacific NW we're witnessing the amazing blooms of daffodils, hyacinths, tulips & all things with bulbs. Our Cherry Trees are spectacular too.

So I really appreciate the particular beauty blooming in your neck of the woods ~ proof positive that God colors Spring to bless us, no matter where we live.


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