Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sometimes it is the pretty little things in daily life, that can lift my spirits and make me happy.  Hyacinths always do that for me.  I only have three plants, but each year I find myself looking forward to their appearance and fragrance.  Soon it will happen.

I also anticipate when this tree opens up with it's pretty white blossums.

The dogwood tree is filled with buds, and it too adds beauty to our landscape.  The delicate flowers have been one of my favorites for years, even though the time period of their blooms is short lived.

White china, hot coffee, and a delicately decorated chocolate strawberry are added to my list of spring's white beauties, and items that always add a smile to my day.
Wishing you all some pretty things to brighten your day!
You have no idea how much I appreciate you stopping by when you do.

Oh, and speaking of pretty little things that bring me smiles, I found these two pictures from Easter a few years ago.  Of course, they would add to my happy thoughts today:)  I look forward to the joyful celebration of Easter, coming up soon.

Happy Monday my friends!


BARBIE said...


Debbie said...

So glad I popped by for my dose of sweet Judy! I LOVE that tree. We have had several around her blooming too that look very similar but I haven't known what they were...dogwood maybe too? Sooo pretty whatever they are. Enjoy your day!

Happy@Home said...

Your photos do such a wonderful job of highlighting the beauty of the spring season. The white blossoms on the tree with the blue sky in the background is gorgeous and your little granddaughters in their Easter dresses are as precious as can be.
Thanks for brightening my day today.


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