Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A random post on this Wednesday morning.
Tiny blessings in the midst of an ordinary day...

...thankful for the car carts that add excitement to little one's hearts during a necessary trip to home improvement store.
Costs much less than Disney World:)

The "cautious one" is buckling up his safety belt, and advising the "one less cautious", to do the same.  What kind of drivers do they think their grandparents are?

For the two floral foam wreaths I bought last summer at the dollar store, especially when I wanted to add a touch of color to our back and front doors.

Two wreathes.  One cluster of faux dogwood and faux forsythia from Walmart.  Greens from the bush outside our door.  Add some glue from the glue gun and the wreath is finished.  Price for one...7.00.  Now onto the one for my front door.

The delicate white vases that I found on the shelves of the local Walmart, for .97 each.  What a perfect little gift this would make, especially with spring flowers in it.

The vases can be found in the glass and candle section of the store.  Just in case you like them too.
"The happy glow that
sharing brings.
A secret smile, a small surprise,
A special look in
A loved one's eyes.
Comfort given, interest shown,
Quiet minutes spent alone-
It's the "little things,"
small and sweet,
That make loving so complete."
~author unknown
Wishing you some tiny blessing in the midst of this day today.
And, don't forget to buckle your safety belt:)


Love Being A Nonny said...

The wreath looks great but the kids look even better!

Debbie said...

Love this as always. The wreath is perfect. I need to make a new one may have inspired me. Have a good day!

Judy said...

I'm smiling about the seat belts. We all have those in our life who like to 'buckle up' and play it safe...and those who prefer to take risks.

Thanks for sharing your 'little things'...small and sweet' with us!

Melinda said...

A couple of cuties there!

Your wreath shouts "SPRING."


M :)

Kathleen said...

I love it when Spring springs at your house! Also, I chuckle at the boys and their shopping escapade. It takes soooo little to entertain the wee ones. I took Kole (2 3/4) to the grocery store with me last week. He picked out chocolate milk, then proceeded to grip the carton like a football until he got it home ... no doubt afraid someone might take it away or drink it. I'm still laughing.

Love your photos!

Life With a Little Spice said...

Dear Judy,
Your wreathe is so BEAUTIFUL, Looks Like a breath of Springs! Hopefully you can get this message....
Blesssing for a great weekend!
P.S. Love Your Blog :)


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