Saturday, March 9, 2013

"The future is not yet ours, perhaps it never may be.
  If it comes, it may come wholly different from what we have foreseen.

Let us shut our eyes, then, to that which God hides from us, and keeps
 in reserve in the treasure of His deep counsels.

Let us worship without seeing, let us be silent,
let us abide in His peace."
~Francois Fenelon

In the stillness and the beauty of this present moment...I will trust in my


Wishing you peace this evening.


lindsey said...

Beautiful words and photo's...thank you for the reflection.

Carla said...

Beautiful pictures, Judy! If I didn't know better, I'd think they were from the least that's where you took me for a few brief moments this morning. Thanks for sharing!

Debbie said...

Beautiful! And to you too.... : )

Love Being A Nonny said...


Judy said...

Lovely...thoughts and photos!

debi said...

Beautiful post.....Our God is an awesome God.....



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