Monday, March 25, 2013

I seriously hesitate to share this simple, weekend project, but I will anyway, just in case you want to add a touch of color to your Easter table.

Our dear neice and her husband have invited their extended family for an Easter meal and celebration.  Considering they are young parents of four adorable children, this is a most generous and gracious invitation.  When I offered to help in any way, I found out that I could help by providing bits of color and festivity to her four tables, with white tablecloths.

Since I was they are expecting 16 adults and 17 children, I went with a younger theme in choosing the arrangements.  Don't you think she and her husband are brave to tackle this meal?

I visited the local dollar store and purchased yellow paper plates, yellow napkins and some faux forsythia and white flowers(not sure their name).
I purchased one pack of jelly beans also.
What really inspired my simple arrangements though, were the packs of adorable duck lollipops that I found.  They had three ducks and three lambs lollipops in each dollar pack.
I pulled some recycled mayo and canning jars from my cupboard, soaked them in vinegar and hot water until they sparkled(as much as those kind of jars can sparkle:)

I added some epsom salts to the bottom of the jar, then sprinkled jelly beans on top, and a tea light candle.

I tied a sheer ribbon around the top of the jar.  I took the duck lollipop and a small bouquet of the faux flowers and tied them tightly with the ribbon at the top of the jar, and then tied a small bow.
Finally, I added a touch of hot glue to the back of the arrangement and the jar.
So you see, anyone can do it, and I am sure you all would come up with some creativity of your own, with the jars.

I took the rest of the forsythia flowers off the stem, and will give them to her to sprinkle down the center of the table, between the jars.  Recycling and dollar stores are a fun combination.  Ironically though...

...this is now the sight out of my back door, early on this Monday morning.

So, whether you are experiencing spring or winter, thanks for stopping by.


lindsey said...

I know your niece will be delighted with these table decorations...she must be so pleased to have you for her aunt! I just bought gathered some forsythia and pussy willow for our Easter decorations but we too have a similar view from our windows....unbelievable to think that the past two Easters we have had glorious sunshine!

Debbie said...

Good morning! These are just darling! Love them. You are so creative! Enjoy your day!

Happy@Home said...

Although the scene outside your window looks more like Christmas, you have found a beautiful way to bring a touch of Easter springtime to the inside of the house. Your niece and all of the guests will be delighted by your cheerful creations.
I do, indeed, think your niece is very brave to take on such a large gathering, but yet I know that gracious hospitality seems to run in your family.

Judy said...

I think we are all wondering whether it is sporing or winter these days. Your table decor is perfect....for young or old.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

The arrangements are bright, festive and simply adorable! There will be lots of smiling faces as you are all gathered together on this glorious day :)

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Cute and colorful...which the view outside is reluctant to produce. Easter with snow CAN be fun: the ski resorts around here hide plain white hard cooked eggs in the snow! Now there's an Easter egg hunt that'll take the big kids all day and then some!

Kelli said...

These are so cute Judy. How fun will these be to recieve on Easter!

Kathleen said...

I know they're little chicks, but now I've got "Rubby Ducky" running through my head.

For me, simple is best. I love gathering ideas here, Judy.

Praying that snow quickly gives way to Spring blossoms. You guys are long overdue!



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