Monday, September 26, 2011

Yesterday afternoon was the bridal shower for my cousin's daughter.  My sister helped to create this brilliantly colored Fall event.  The shower was held in my cousin's country decorated home, located in a quiet, small town street.  The shades of color in her home plus the Fall colors of the future wedding, used in the bridal shower decor, produced some beautiful photos, that she shared with me, and I in turn wanted to share with you.  Both of my sisters are accomplished party planners, and they know I like when they share pictures with me, of each event.
The little puppy felt honored to be included in this lovely picture.

Since I favor the season of Fall, you can imagine how much I enjoy these pictures.  The oranges, golds, greens and brown make a perfect backdrop for the good looking food.

The future bride and her cousin, who just happens to work at a coffee shop and provided the supply of coffee for the shower.  Honestly, it seems like only yesterday, when I visited these two as new born babies.  My mother was right, time does fly.

The showstopping colored Chrysanthemums tucked into glass vases, added the
right amount of color on the fireplace mantel.

The many photos of the bridal couple were hung on rope, with tiny wooden clothespins,  and attached to the wooden mantel.  What a fun idea this was for the guests to become better acquainted with the future bride and groom.

My sister hung the artistically created, handmade name tags on rope with wooden clothes pins.  She added color by also attaching faux leaves above the name tags.  I don't know about you, but I think this is a clever, inexpensive way to display people's name tags at a party.  It looks so good on the rag painted wall that my cousin did in her foyer.

The gold toned rhinestones were found in the clearance shelves of Michael's store, and were part of the Martha Stewart collection.  I like the touch they added to each name tag.  I also like the description of each person that she included, under the names.  I think that is a helpful addition at a party where some do not know each other.

What a cute way to dress up an ordinary jar filled with corn candy.

Candles in carved out pumpkins were scattered on the food table.

Individual paper colored napkins were tied with ribbon and faux Fall mums, making a beautiful way to display the napkins.

The drink tables fit perfectly in with the Fall decor.  Tin bins were filled with ice and held cans of drink, including...

...these individual Limonata drinks.  I never saw cans of this drink, but I understand it is a lemon-lime flavored drink.  The color of the cans fits right in with the color theme of the party, and I am sure that is why she chose this drink.

A few fresh zinnias were tucked in a vase, and placed on the vegtable platter.

The cupcakes were outstandingly decorated for Fall, by a local bakery.

Gifts for the bride were festively decorated.  I liked the leaves on top of this package.  I think the ones used were faux leaves, but one could easily use real colored leaves too.

This is a real special picture to me.  From left to right, the future bride's sister, the future bride,  the mother of the future bride and my cousin, and her mother and my dear aunt. 

The future bride and her bridal party on the white garden swing.

Like her grandma, my cousin enjoys gardening and finds solace,in tending each well-maintained flower bed.

My cousin with my sister, the party planner extrordinaire.  Time is a special gift to give to one another, and time is what it took to put together this fun event.

I thought you would enjoy sharing in the festivities of this afternoon bridal shower.
Thanks to her for capturing each of these pictures so each of us could share in the fun.


Love Being A Nonny said...

What a sweet sweet shower. And, WOW, she went to so much trouble!!! I know the bride appreciated it! Nothing like family!

Judy said...

Beautiful! And such fun ideas for us all to 'borrow'. Thanks for sharing!

My DIL introduced me to that 'limonata' drink this summer. Very refreshing!

Rach said...

Very pretty. Love the fall theme and those cupcakes!

ajwatson722 said...

What a beautiful shower!!! I love how her house coordinated so perfectly with the fall theme. Thanks for sharing the pictures! It makes me want to have a fall party!

Marty said...

Thank you so much for sharing each and every picture. I love spending time in this home. Her little garden/swing area is one to envy. What a wonderful shower.

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh I did enjoy the photos and the amazingly lovely fall decorations. Your sister really does have the knack. I feel like Judy ..thanks for sharing so we can borrow when we need to.

dandelionfleur said...

Congratulations to your family, and what terrific fall decorating ideas!

lindsey said...

I know just how much you will have enjoyed all these Fall decorations...what a great idea for a wedding shower. All done by very gifted and talented people I am sure.

Kathleen said...

Do you think there's such a thing as "Hallmark DNA", or "Martha Stewart DNA"? I do, because everyone in your family has THAT touch.

Fabulous pictures!

Happy@Home said...

This is a most beautiful shower. Every detail was so well thought out and the fall colors are all so pretty. There seems to be no end to the talents in your family, Judy. This bride will have fond memories of her shower for many years to come.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Thank you for sharing all the special touches that went into making this event so beautiful. Each idea would easily translate into other seasonal schemes too.

I am glad the bride to be has such a wonderful caring circle of friends and family.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What a wonderful bridal shower! I am collecting ideas for my daughter's shower next year!


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