Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This is a tiny treasure, collectible box from Monet, that I found recently, on a clearance table at a local department store.
I was immediately drawn to it's white heart and coffee cup beauty.

I carefully opened it, and was even more struck by the miniature sugar cube that hung from the little gold chain.  I knew it would make a perfect gift for a friend living far away and going through  physical difficulties.

I added a few packs of the newly created "Bliss" milk chocolate hot cocoa mix, that I discovered in the grocery store aisle.
Is there anyone you would like to offer some "Bliss" to?

You might want to give it in a pretty crystal coffee mug(found in the Dollar Tree shelf).  Add colored tissue and a homemade card.  Cost for the above mug and hot cocoa packet was $ 1. 59. 

Found this thank you note at my back door the other day.  The sweetly written note was dressd up with the small floral tube, filled with water and fresh flowers from a friend's garden.  What a special and unique way to say "thank you".  Another idea you might want to try.  The floral tubes are so inexpensive and can be purchased at any florist or garden shop.


"The gift of friendship-both given and received-is joy, love, and nurturing for the heart.  The realization that you have met a soul mate...a kindred spirit...a sister...a true friend...is one of life's sweetest gifts."  ~Dolley Carlson

Let your friends know that you care in some small way today. 
It will mean the world to them.  I know that on a first hand basis.


Debbie said...

It's hard to believe that little gift was so inexpensive and yet so expressive. Love the packets alongside! Thanks for more nice ideas and a reminder that someone needs to know they are cared about!

Judy said...

Sweet ideas once again! I must check out the Bliss hot chocolate packets...new to me.

Happy@Home said...

You have such a thoughtful way of putting together perfect gifts for your friends and family. One can learn a lot from you. The little coffee cup is so sweet and the little sugar cube makes it even sweeter :).
Your kindness will be such a bright spot in your friend's day.

corners of my life said...

Such a cute little Monet trinket. Lucky you - lucky friend.

momof3girls said...

You really have a gift for encouraging others! I always love your ideas. (& Oh-la-la. I did not know Bluss had hot cocoa mixes. What a neat indulgence that would mail!!!). Thanks for sharing!

Dale said...

You are so gifted at making people feel so special. Thank you for all the love and encouragement you send my way...

LisaShaw said...

I love this post!!! Beautiful ideas and most importantly LOVE is the center of the giving and when it is no matter what the gift it will be given from the heart!

Love ya!


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