Friday, September 30, 2011

Since I began my blogging adventure a few years ago, I have learned so much.  At times though, I do beleive blogging can tend to be a bit deceiving, in that things are not always as they appear.  Sometimes, when I share pictures, I think to myself, "this all looks so good", realizing that I, and probably you, only share the good, the pretty, the organized, and the inspiring.  Afterall, why share other than that?  I think that is why, when the opportunity presents inself, that I enjoy perusing the blog world.
Today though, I will share my take on "Mission Impossible".  Although I did not spend time watching this television show from the past, I know many of you did.  But, I have my own take on it.
Recently, I had the special occasion of keeping five of my grandchildren, all at the same time.  I say that, because usually I keep the three older ones, or the two younger ones at the same time.  It is a rare occasion when I have the five at the same time.  Here on these pictures, the older ones had spent the night(thus the reason for their pjs) and the younger ones were dropped off, so their mother could go grocery shopping.
I thought to myself, " I just want to capture one picture of the five of them...just one where they were all looking at the camera".  Thus, "Mission Impossible" came to my mind. 
This post will not provide you with quiet serenity, organizational expertise, color coodinated children's outfits, or peaceful feelings.  What it will provide you with, is a step inside my world, the happy, very busy, and unpredictable world that it is:)
You will see the oldest little girl, actively participating in the "oldest sister" role, exactly as I did all my life, as the oldest of five closely spaced children.  I am sure it will bring you a smile today, as you scroll down through each picture.
I was so thankful I could provide their mother, a peaceful, somewhat relaxing grocery store trip.


Here the little guy is trying to reach his sister's gummy dinosaur, and she is not about to let that happen

Finally, this is as good as it is going to get!  Afterall, there is no perfection around here, just lots of fun and love(okay, not always love being expressed...but love in the bottom of their hearts).  Just look at the happy little guy in the back:)

The oldest little guy had just received the new Converse sneakers, and he was as pleased as could be.  He wanted them, because his older brother and dad had some similar to them.  He was sitting on the chair with his feet propped up, and he said to me, "Mawmaw, don't you think I look cool with these on?"  You can tell how much he liked them, in that he has them on with his pjs, the next morning, on the above pictures.

So, here you had it.  An opportunity to step into one of my simple, yet so busy days.
I do hope it brought you some smiles, like it does me so often, and that you don't mind that I shared a more personal blog post.


Debbie said...

I think you are definitely right. I love reading your blog. I can see where Jeane gets her writing talent. What an amazing little group of personalities assembled there. They are growing up fast! The converse shoe thing with the pjs is so cute! Please assure him that we all think he looks cool.

debi said...

Those Gram days are the best aren't they. That was a very real post :-) I know how hard it is to capture "that" photo and they were a joy to look at.

Have a blessed day Judy,


Jeane` said...

"Hahaha! I see you quickly caught onto the 'Divide and Conquer' approach by the second picture. ;)
Love it. Love you! Thanks so so much for the non-child grocery store experience.

Debbie said...

Good morning! haha I have TRIED AND TRIED to get one of those kind of photos myself....sooo hard. Your grands are adorable. I love the way the oldest is trying to help. The shoes are quite cool! I love the personal posts.

Have a good day!


lindsey said...

This certainly did bring a smile to my face Judy, I mentioned back in a June post how I have taken to having photo sweeties at hand to bribe my grandchildren with. Your photo's turned out pretty well though, and those grandchildren are so beautiful. If you take a look at my post today you will see I mentioned your name!

Judy said...

Love the cool shoes!

I know whereof you speak...that we make things look better on our blogs than they are in reality. It's quite easy to show only the best. But I happen to think your impromptu photo session is 'the best'! You captured that moment in time just perfectly! You gave me another smile for today!

Anneliese said...

I love this. Your sentiments are so true.. it is hard to know how to share those things that could be perceived in the wrong way. This is great. That's how life is. Tomorrow I get four of them ... (five and down) and I know things won't be perfect .. I will remember this and maybe even see something worth blgging about beacause it's real life that counts and I know what you mean by being happy to give your daughter some time to herself.


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