Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We are blessed to live in a region of America with such an abundance of natural scenic beauty.
"Chrysanthemums" are those flowers that come in when most of the other flowers go out, and their vibrant colors and shape to beds, borders, and pots.  On the road to my daughter's home, I pass this quaint little road side stand that always gets my attention when I pass by.

The flowers and pumpkins are so creatively arranged that it looks to me, like an artist's palette.

The Chrysanthemums are an attention getters at this pumpkin display.  I read that hardy mums are a metaphor for fall.   Their warm colors mimic autumn with their yellows, oranges, and russets.  There are at least twenty some colors of this flower, that are accepted by breeders.

I also found this gourd display at the roadside stand and thought it was a fun way to share their gourds.

Hope you have an opportunity to view some of nature's finest fall beauty.


Debbie said...

Good morning! I LOVE the colors in those flowers...such perfect ones for Fall. And those gourds? PERFECT...

Have a wonderful day! Debbie

ajwatson722 said...

I think all the colors are more vibrant in your area. Those mums are prettier than any I've seen here! And those gourds are so cute! Maybe I'll make my project today a "decorate my front entrance for fall" one. :) ( now if only I could zip up to that farm for my purchases!)

Judy said...

I brought home some of the 'roadside mums' last week...and we are enjoying the splash of fall colour.

Cute gourd display!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

A pot of bronze and gold mums sit glowing in our living room right now! When I was growing up in San Diego our garden was filled with mums of ever color in the fall, and I would pick armfuls to bring inside.

Since my grandfather's birthday was in November I always got to make a bronze "manly color" arrangement for his birthday dinner with our family. The scent and sight of mums always triggers thoughts of fall and my grandfather...both thoughts are most welcome by me in this season.

Kathleen said...

Oooooo. How delightful!

I confess: Fall is my favorite season; and so are the colors associated with it. The flowers & pumpkins & ghourds capture my imagination, as does the onset of leaf-flurries.

Is that pumpkin bread or pie I smell here?


Happy@Home said...

I think these roadside stands filled with mums, pumpkins and gourds are one of the prettiest sights ever! How wonderful to see this each time you travel to your daughter's house.


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