Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have known her for many years.  Her and her husband go to the same church I have attended through a good part of my life.  I have learned so much from this gracious, caring, kind, and classy lady.  I have and continue to learn helpful nuggets of life lessons from her and her husband. 
Recently, I read a book titled, "Gifts From the Heart", by Dolley Carlson.  The one chapter was on "Words of Comfort".  As I read the short, but so valuable section, I was reminded of this dear lady. 
Here is how Dolley describes these words;  "Words of comfort need to be fresh expressions of love, concern, and sympathy--not stale, overused phrases.  It's so quick and easy to use familiar phrases, but please know that a greater blessing will come from thoughtfulness and prayer before giving a word of comfort."

This couple always ask how we are doing?
How is our daughter doing that lives far away?
They let me know they pray for her often.  You can't imagine how much that means to us.
This dear lady is one of my most encouraging blog supporters. 
They show genuine interest in others.
He is an accomplished guitar player and we enjoy hearing his music.

The two of them have taught my husband and I some special things about how a couple loves together, even after years of marriage.  Their example through daily living, their words of care and comfort, and their faithful prayers for their friends...what a gift their friendship is to us!  Their loving hearts provide comfort for so many.

"Words of comfort" are so necessary in our lives today.  I am sure we could all list those who offer them to us because one never forgets them when they hear them.  Right?

Happy Wednesday!


Marilou said...

Oh I love them, too! What a beautiful woman inside and out she is! Love the pics! :)

lindsey said...

This couple sound like great people, just the sort of friends we all need..... and all need to be to others. Thank you for sharing and reminding me to be sure to speak encouraging words to people around me.

Judy said...

A touching tribute to a lovely lady...and her #1 man. Thanks for the reminder to use 'words from the heart'!

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

A lovely tribute.

Enjoyed your comment about 'words of comfort'. We truly do need those in these troubled times.

Kathleen said...

Oh the joy of doing life with the likes of these! I so appreciate long-marrieds who continue to show affection, respect & devotion to each other. They seem to live on the high ground, which means we all can; I can.

I'm thinking you're a treasure to them, too :)

corners of my life said...

Such a lovely tribute.

Christine said...

It's always nice to recieve "words of comfort" but it's really great to give them away.

Good friends who give, are the best kind of friends.

momof3girls said...

I have not read that book but I loved the excerpt you posted. Words of encouragement r so important today in our world!!!

LisaShaw said...

What dear friends of yours Judy! Words of comfort indeed are special, needed and appreciated especially when spoken from the heart and not overused phrases as your friend mentioned.

Thank you for sharing these two special people with us. I'm sure that all you feel about her is exactly the way she feels about you for you are truly one of those persons that offer words of comfort and love! I've had the privilege of being on the receiving end over the last few years and I'm thankful.

Much love.


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