Wednesday, October 6, 2010

While visiting our daughter, son-in-law, and their little girl, we were introduced to this place. It is one of their favorite places to go when they want an extra special treat. Apparently, these yogurt stores are a new rage in their state. After our afternoon treat we are both hoping this type of store catches on in our part of the country.

The decor was bright and cheerful and the place was spotless. Two important requirements in any eating establishment.

Upon entering one picks up a container, the size depends on the appetite. You progress to this wall filled with many flavors of yogurt. You can choose one flavor(like me), or one can mix many flavors(like our sil). When you complete this step, it is on to the next step.

Here are the instructions, clear and concise.

My choice of yogurt. It tasted so good!

The fruit was truly fresh and looked so appealing. I wanted one of each. Our daughter said everytime she has their fruit, it tastes so fresh and delicious.

Can you believe this choice of toppings?

What combinations of yogurt and toppings would you choose?

My choice with the coffee yogurt...light amount of chocolate syrup, and chopped walnuts. Oh, it makes me smile just remembering that treat on a sunny afternoon.

I am surprised that no one has brought this concept of a yogurt shop, to our area. If you are looking for a new adventure, you might consider looking into one of the yogurt franchises. On a Wednesday afternoon, the little shop was full. The prices were reasonable too.

Near the entrance of the store was a container of iced cold water with lime slices and fresh strawberries, free for everyone.
Healthy, refreshing and so good...a fond memory was created for all of us.
Do you have these yogurt establishments where you live?


Miss Debbie said...

No, but I would love it and so would my sweet girl. We use to love the Dutch Chocolate TCBY yogurt they had at Taco Bell...does anyone remember that?

p.s.phyllis sews said...

We have one of those here in Texas! My daughter introduced it to me as well! Love it!!!!!

lindsey said...

What would be REALLY good is if this caught on in the UK too!!!!

Rach said...

Drooling! That place looks amazing!

Sheila said...

I am new to your blog. I do not blog very often. But am starting to get the hang of it. I really enjoyed your blog page. It is beautiful and your posts are uplifting, bright and colorful
Thanks for sharing with us.

Love Being A Nonny said...

YUMM! I would have coconut and graham crackers as toppings on any flavor yogurt! OUR yogurt store has the toppings but you don't top your own. I love the looks of the yogurt store you went to!

Happy@Home said...

I just learned that we do have one of these yogurt shops nearby. They sent a coupon in the mail. After reading your post I will be making it a priority to visit soon. It looks amazing. Even the free water looks enticing :). I'm not sure which flavor of yogurt I would settle on, but I know I would be adding some of the fresh fruit.
Thanks so much for your recent visit. With everything you have going on, I am always so happy to see your sweet comments.
I'm currently experiencing computer problems and am a bit behind in blog visiting.

Connie said...

Yes....we similar shops in our area. I like the cake batter yogurt topped with strawberry and gummie bears. :)


Gram said...

We do have Yogurtland in Colorado and I do like to go there. My favorite is a combo of choc and coconut. The flavors change so you can't always get coconut.:(

ajwatson722 said...

Mama! Thank you so much for watching my little munchkns yesterday/last night so that I could take a turn and come down here for a little glimps of our sweet "Rosey Posey" (that's her christened nickname from her Auntie Jeane'). As for my precious little not worry! At least they have a dad who wants to be with them!!! ;) They'll be just fine... and who knows, maybe a nanny will come out of this. ;)
Love you!!!!

corners of my life said...

Everytime I open your blog I am reminded how much I love your muffin tin banner.

Judy said...

None here that I know of...but it looks most appealing!


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