Saturday, October 16, 2010

I've found myself with another very busy week. Wedding invitations to get ready, special little ones to spend time with during their visits, appointments to keep, and work that will not wait. Through it all, I am thoroughly enjoying the Fall season. I wish it would last longer.
My grandma's old market basket gets filled many different ways throughout the year. Now on my porch it is filled with pumpkins and ghords from the farm.

Roadside stands like this one grace the landscape of our county. I thought the yellow mums would brighten up my porch.

I was right.
It amazes me that little touches like yellow flowers, along with the smiles of the little ones that visit me, can brighten up any week, even those consisting of overcast days of rain and wind.

The stop at a local McDonald's with a clean and well done indoor playground, was certainly one of their highlights of the week. I do not think a trip to DisneyWorld could have brought them any more happiness.

To top it off, a stop at the office to see their Pawpaw for a few minutes, after McDonalds. He walked out to our car(because that was easier than taking three out of their carseats again) and immediately he had them laughing, as he always does. I am so thankful for his sense of humor. I helps make life more enjoyable.

"One can never speak enough of the virtues and power of shared laughter." ~Francoise Sagan
Another simple and quite ordinary post from me in my corner of the world.
Hoping you have time to enjoy Fall's beauty and bounty, and that sometime during your weekend you find some laughter. I heard it is good for one's soul.


corners of my life said...

Those smiles are priceless. Lucky you!

Miss Debbie said...

Beautiful little girl at Mickey D's! And the way those two are looking at their Paw Paw is precious! I got a pot of mums in Sept for my bday. The blooms are long gone. I was hoping they would bloom again, but not so far. But my geranium still has blooms. So, that is happy! Have a blessed weekend!

Kathleen said...

Ahhhh ... the sweetness of the simple, and the ordinary. Oh that we had more of it!

Thank you.

Judy said...

Glad you are enjoying the beauty of the season despite the busyness of life!

Smiles & laughter...a daily dose...the best medicine.

Happy@Home said...

It sounds like you have been super busy. Glad you are still finding time to enjoy the beauty of the Fall season. Your gourds and yellow mums are so pretty. The one gourd looks like a swan :).
It is evident by the smiles on your grandchildren's faces that they were excited and happy to be seeing their Pawpaw. His sense of humor is a real gift. My dad had a wonderful sense of humor.
Have a lovely weekend.

Christine said...

You have captured the essence of being a grandma!

Terri said...

love this are one fun grandma!!! McDonalds used to be my kids highlight, too!!! Who says Disney has the market on FUN!!?

Susan said...

Such great pics capturing the beauty of Autumn...and precious moments with little loves!

lindsey said...

I have had a very busy couple of day and have just sat to visit your blog and as usual I am so blessed to see your lovely photo's and to read of your day to day life...thank you!

LisaShaw said...

They are so precious Judy and I'm so glad you are enjoying your family and this beautiful time of the year.

Keep living and enjoying!


Stacey said...

Hi Judy! Not much time for blogging these days but I wanted to see how you are. Your grandchildren are just precious. It's very obvious that they have wonderful grandparents too.

Congratulations to your youngest daughter! That's very exciting news. :)

Enjoy your fall. Have a leisurely sip of coffee or tea for me.

Landis said...

Sounds like a busy but fun week! There's something about little ones that make your week all the better, no matter how busy you can be. Great shots of the kiddies and fall decorations!

p.s. - thank you for your prayers! :)

Wanda said...

What a sweet post! I love the kiddos expressions! They love their Paw-Paw!


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