Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wishing a Happy 23rd Birthday to a very special youngest daughter on today, October 23rd.
You continually bless our lives.

Last evening was the beautiful Fall wedding of a good family friend. I know you will enjoy seeing a few pictures I took of this girl who was our middle daughter's college roommate for three years.
Due to the recent birth of their little girl, our daughter was unable to fulfill her role as a bridesmaid. On the evening program, she was listed as an honorary bridesmaid.

Candles and pumpkins added a soft ambience to the affair.

An old, historic church in a nearby town, was the perfect place to hold the ceremony. Painted and glittered pumpkins lined the isle, along with iron holders and candles.

Their first walk together back down the isle as husband and wife.

The colors of the dresses and flowers were so perfect for a cool, October evening.

The butterflies on the pumpkin were in memory of the bride's sister who passed away a few years ago. Her sister collected butterflies, making it a kind tribute. The wood pieces were done by the grandfather of the couple, including tiny carved pieces that held the names and table numbers.

The newly renovated fireplace in the ball room of the restaurant added warmth and a soft glow to the room.

This was the centerpiece at our dinner table at the reception. The carved out logs were another one of the grandfather's contributions. The bride painted and added the glitter to each pumpkin she purchased at a local farm. Her good friend and family decorated the reception room and each table so creatively. Really, the room was breathtakingly decorated.

I should have taken this picture before the reception to show you how good the table looked. Her friend took clear cylinder vases, added willow sticks and tied gold tuelle around each vase. Small pumpkins surrounded the it's base.

The photography wall in the room, was certainly a unique conversation piece. The frames can hold past family bridal pictures from each bride and groom. Mementoes can also be included such as the bridal gown from one their parent's weddings. In the center was a large, framed opening for the wedding guests to go behind and pose for pictures. I have been to many weddings over the years, but I have never seen a photography wall done like this. It was a big hit...

...including this dear couple. They are the grandparents of the groom and they are in their late 80s. What a kind, fun, and spunky couple! I love this picture of them. About 20 family members were on the opposite side of the picture snapping away and celebrating a memorable moment of the evening.

As we walked to our car after this lovely evening, we carried with us fond memories of a wonderful Fall wedding.


Rach said...

Lovely wedding!

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

very nice photos...... lovely wedding.... congrats on the newest baby in the family!

Melinda said...

What a creative take on a fall wedding!
I love the butterfly idea.


Happy@Home said...

Happy birthday to your daughter.
I enjoyed getting a glimpse of the wedding you attended. It appears to be a most beautiful affair. I like how so many family members and friends added their talents to make it all come together. The butterflies were such a nice way to keep the memory of the bride's sister alive. The bride and groom make a very nice looking couple.

Judy said...

What a lovely autumn wedding! Thanks for sharing...some great decorating ideas there again.

Fall is not the favorite season for weddings...and I'm not sure why.

Kathleen said...

I love weddings! Whether I know the people or not, there's just something so old-fashionably wonderful about a bride by candlelight.

Fall in your neck of the woods looks much like Fall in mine. What an rich time of year it is; a beautiful gateway to the holidays.


lindsey said...

Beautiful photo's. I have never been to an evening wedding.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!


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