Monday, October 25, 2010

She wanted to make it for her mommy. She chose the flowers, the butterfly and the size of the paper. I offered to help her write the words she wanted to express, but she said she wanted to write it. The copy me wearing my reading glasses to write:) Love it!

She took it all so seriously, and could not wait to give it to mommy when she came home from a recent trip.
A reminder to me...never miss an opportunity to say thank you. Heartfelt thanks can often be felt in one's heart and not expressed to another. Take time to thank family and friends who fill your life with happiness and love, for you never know how long it will be, that you will have that privilege. When a thank you is delivered with feelings from your heart and it is written down on paper, it can be stored in one's memory bank forever.
Is there anyone you need to thank today? Thanking someone is a gift in itself, however you choose to do it, even if it is a white 8 x 10 sheet of paper created by a little one with sunglasses.
Thank you my blogging friends, for giving me renewed reasons to blog. Each of you bless my life in unique and special ways.


corners of my life said...

The sunglasses are just a hoot. I'll bet her mommy loved the flowery creation. said...

How precious is she!! I have a fat file full of those heart felt and beautiful little drawings... and it keeps growing. :)

Nothing more wonderful than these little lives as they discover life!


debi said...

Yes, thank you for sharing your thoughts, your family and your photo's with all of us!

Judy said...

She has seen by example how it is done...and does a fine job of showing her thanks in a tangible way. Too cute...right down to the glasses!

Jeane` said...

I loved the "reading glasses"!!! She just adores her beloved 'mamaw'
and I am happy that at least my child is able to show genuine interest in crafts and such, as your daughters have miserably failed you in that area!!!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Your granddaughter is so lovely! What a wonderful gift you gave to the parents allowing them some time alone. Thank you for your blog and your bloggy friendship :>) I hope you have a lovely week.

Kathleen said...

Yep. Just as I thought: That creative nature is in your family's DNA!

I can hardly wait until those little ones start blogging. I'll betcha they have a LOT to say about the legacy you are passing onto them.


Miss Debbie said...

I still have some cards and pictures that my kids made for me when they were little. They make me smile when I look at them and remember those sweet days!


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