Monday, August 3, 2009


"Stillness" is not a word that many of us even use anymore, let alone experience. Yet women today, perhaps more than at any other time in history, desperately need the spirit of stillness. We are constantly on the move, stretched to to our maximum by all the hats we wear, all the balls we juggle, and all the demands our lives bring. ~Emily Barnes
I had a very busy week last week. Near the end of the week, and near the end of one particular day, I was driving on a back country road on my way home. The sun was just beginning to set after a gorgeous day. I stopped my car by the side of the road and just sat there for a few minutes, taking in the quiet, peaceful beauty of the scene before me. In those few still moments, I realized that I had been rushing from one thing to another all day. It felt so good to be still. I need more moments of stillness and quiet. Business has a way of helping us to loose our perspective and what truly is important...and what is not.
"Drop thy still dews of quietness till all our strivings cease; take from our souls the strain and stress, and let our ordered lives confess the beauty of Thy peace." ~John Greenleaf Whittier
"Remember, the times when you feel you can't afford to slow down are the times you need the spirit of stillness most desperately. Let your impatience be a signal that it's time to get quiet." ~Emilie Barnes
My prayer is that the words to this post may serve as a daily reminder to me.


Betsy said...

This is so true! Thanks for the reminder. I will need to think of it often in the month of August.

PS-I love Emilie Barnes!

cherry said...

So so sweet glad you had a stop and be still moment....kinda like me today as well! Enjoy! hugs, cherry

Anonymous said...

Great post! I just love visiting your Blog!

I just put up a NEW POST on my Blog! If you have a chance, come by and say hi!

Have a great week,

lindsey said...

That was especially good for me to read at the beginning of what has the potential to be a very busy day...thank you

a woman who is said...

As I am heading into a busy few weeks of company and trips, this was a very good reminder. I love that you stopped that car and took it all in. I will remember to do that as a result of your post.

Be still and know that He is God

Blessings my friend

Marty said...

I learned early on that I needed 'still' moments in order to function. And I find, for me, they are easier found in the quiet, very early, morning hours. Glad God made me a morning person instead of a night owl. =) Maybe that's why the song "I come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses...." can always dissolve me into a puddle. But finding stillness in the middle of the day is always priceless.

Stacey said...

I'm just terrible about always rushing and barking orders. Need to come by and read this post regularly. Have a great day!

Tracy said...

So beautiful and so true! Glad you took the time to enjoy this moment of stillness, and then cared enough to share it with us.

Reminds me of a long-time favorite song of mine...Be Still and Know that He is God by Steven Curtis Chapman. When you have a few moments (or even better when you don't)...visit here and listen:

Positively beautiful.

Great quotes by Emilie Barnes. I love reading her books! = )

Lauren said...

beautiful words...
beautiful photo. Thanks for the reminder. "Still" is quite wonderful isn't it?


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