Sunday, August 23, 2009

Inexpressible Beauty

Friday evening, with a few free minutes I stood at the white fence in front of our neighbor's home and gazed at the sight before me. Words were totally inadequate to describe the breathtaking beauty. I captured a few pictures for all of you, all the while knowing it would be impossible to portray the sunset as it really was.

I will be back to blogging and my eagerly looked forward to visits with all of you on Tuesday. Tomorrow is our last day together on our family stay-cation.

I leave you with this magnificant artistry, which left me in quiet awe of Someone far greater than me. Thank you God, that in the midst of daily life, with all of it's many aspects and challenges, joys and heartaches, that you would share this exquisite beauty with me on a warm, summer evening. It brought a peaceful calmness to my heart.


Tracy said...

Beautiful photos, Judy! There is just something about sunsets that speaks of God's majesty and artistry like nothing else. Thank you for sharing these glimpses with us. Looking forward to your return to Blogworld! = )

Judy said...

Beautiful sunsets...for sure! The same Artist has been painting the most lovely skies out here as well this week...and one cannot help but say 'thank-you'. Enjoy the finale to your family time.

Barb said...

Isn't God just totally awesome?!!!!!

Barb :-)

Shelley said...

That is the dreamiest sunset ever Judy! I bet you had a wonderful time w/ your family! Looking forward to your return and hearing all about it! :-)

Sara said...

I was seeing the same sunset & getting pictures too!! Wasn't it the coolest thing ever & it lasted so much longer than normal!!
Totally a God Thing!!

Anonymous said...

wonderful, wonderful, wonderful

Anonymous said...

These photos are absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

LisaShaw said...

In a word: WOW!

GOD IS SO BEAUTIFUL! Only HE could create those photos from HIS beauty!

Thanks for sharing.


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