Saturday, May 16, 2015


When you find a big, nice shaped acrylic bowl on the clearance shelf at Marshalls, and you
have a glass pillar candle holder in your attic, you might want to glue the two together,
creating a pedestal bowl. It works when you use E-6000 glue and let it set overnight. 
At completion,  you have a nice centerpiece container, or ice cream bowl server, or
maybe even a salad bowl.

If you happen to have blooming Azalea and Rhododendron bushes, you cut a few blooms, fill
bowl partially full with water, add a pillar candle, then arrange blooms in the water.

So simple, so inexpensive, and yet such an attractive way to create a centerpiece.

Their pretty, delicate blooms, add beauty to any table, or buffet table.

If you don't have flowering bushes, you may have pots of pansies, or maybe some growing
in your garden.

Another way to dress up your pedestal bowl creation.  I found adding a bit of the green leaves
and stems, adds to the look.

This is now what is sitting on my kitchen island.  I like seeing the pansy flowers floating in
the water around the pillar candle.

But, if you do not have access to real flowers, it even works if you have some bright red
faux geraniums from the craft store.  You can cut up the flowers and the greens, and
arrange them around the pillar candle.  No water needed in this arrangement.

You might choose to add a flag or two, for a Memorial Day table.

Once again, just me, sharing a little something with you.
Hope your weekend is a good one, and that you find a way to add
beauty to your home or your table.

Speaking of adding sister's family hosted a special, belated
Mother's Day meal for her last evening.

A few friends and family gathered together, at the table in their lawn.  What a lovely
place to hold this special meal.

These girls made a delicious dinner of homemade quiches, a garden salad, fruit, and
coffee drinks.  We enjoyed laughter, conversations, and just relaxing after another busy
week.  In all the years of spending time at my sister's home, this was the first time we
ever ate in her lawn.  I am sure she was honored by all the time and expertise that was
put into this gift of love for her.

When the sun went down, the lights hung on the old tree, added a glowing ambience to the
table setting.  The addition of the big umbrellas, was because of the unexpected light rain
during the dinner. 


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Well, you always seem to have the most creative ideas and I'm so glad you share them with us. The shape of that bowl is wonderful!

Wishing you a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow!

Anneliese said...

Beautiful garden setting! I've loved setting a table under the tree and this post is most inspiring to do it again!

lindsey said...

That is such a pretty candle holder Judy and great that you can change the flowers to match the occasion and colour theme.
The Mothers Day celebrations looked wonderful, I am sure she felt truly blessed!

Judy said...

So beautiful...the tea hosted out on the lawn!

You always find the best way to display flowers and/or candles. Lovely!

That E-6000 is the best glue for any glass projects!

debi said...

Beautiful ideas, glad you show how each flower type can completely change the feel of a mood!
Love the photos of the table setting, especially the evening shot with the lights.

Hugs!! said...

I've never seen more beautiful parties than the ones on your blog, and I see LOTS of parties on pinterest and everywhere else. You should do a party and gracious hospitality book. I will write the foreword! :)

Just a little something from Judy said...

Sonia, I would be honored to have you do the forward, if I ever do a book. What a kind comment!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Oh, Judy, the centerpiece is just the best idea and so very pretty! The candle surrounded by the flowers makes a most lovely decoration! You are amazing and so sweet to share your fabulous ideas with your readers!

Such a sweet Mother's Day celebration too! Precious family all around the table in a beautiful outdoor setting. Fun!


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