Saturday, May 9, 2015

A few of the mothers I am choosing to honor this Mother's Day,
on a day set aside for that very thing......
Mothering is a huge job, carrying with it more than anyone can ever
prepare you for.  It is a great privilege, and one never
to be taken for granted.  It is also demanding, tiring, perplexing, emotionally
challenging, yet full of joys, blessings, and deep satisfaction.
Many years ago, I was given three precious gifts from my
Heavenly Father ............ three beautiful daughters.  My only training
ground for the role, was the years I had living with my own mother, and at times
in the presence of my two loving grandmothers.  I now know, how many
lessons I was grasping from observing them in daily life.
I think back to those growing up days, to those teenage years, and
then on to the years of becoming a mother myself.  My heart overflows
with gratitude, as I remember back.  Back to the examples I had,
the love I was shown, the work ethic I was exposed to, the perseverance I
saw carried out, and the patience extended to me.
Now, I am in a different role.  One where I am taking a back seat to parenting.
Where the decisions are not mind to make, and the mothering is not
mine to provide.  A role where I give advice if asked, and offer
lots of love, care, and fun to their little ones.  It is such a different role for
me.  Now, I observe the three of them walking through their new, God
given roles.  I watch, I pray, and I pray.  I see their role now, with
a new set of eyes.  I see how hard they work, how unselfishly they
 live and give, and how much they invest in their children's lives.
I am so thankful for each one of my daughters.  Mother's Day is their day. 
And, Mother's Day... 
is a special day for each and every one of you who visit here, whatever role
you may find yourself in, whether...
Sunday school teacher,
you are making a difference!  You are touching lives.  You are sharing love,
kindness, instruction, and many life lessons. 
Thank you for that!
Here are a few favorite pictures of our daughters in their mothering
roles, captured this past year;

And, here are a few favorite pictures, showing that some lessons are already being
learned by their children;


Thank you for stopping by today!
You are a blessing to me!


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Awe, what a sweet, sweet post with precious pictures of your lovely daughters and grans. Wishing you a wonderful day tomorrow!

Judy said...

Such a lovely Mother's Day post...capturing what it should be all about! Beautiful photos of your daughters being 'mother' and of their children demonstrating lessons learned. Wishing you a very blessed Mother's Day!

Kathleen said...

What a beautiful collection of blessings! I can sure see how much your daughters resemble you ~ and in more ways than one. They have "mommies in training" of their very own.

Jeane` said...

Love you so much, mom. Thank you for these sweet words.

Anneliese said...

Beautiful words of a legacy that is a privilege to pass on. It's it such a joy to watch our daughters become mothers!


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