Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Springtime creates it's own beauty.  I like how this paper napkin depicts the season in
vivid colors, and how it brings together the table colors, at my brunch.

The pink tulips, the array of tiny forget-me-not flowers, and the white dishes, where
enhanced by the napkin's design.  The centerpiece container was a birthday gift from
one of my daughters, and was ordered from the Magnolia Shop, which is a online
store of one of my favorite television shows, "Fixer Upper", on HSN.

The forget-me-not flowers were shared with me, from the abundance of my daughter's
garden, a few years ago, and they continue to grow in abundance with each year.

On a side note, I learned that the forget-me-not flower was named the official flower
of National Grandparent's Day by the National Grandparent's Day Council.  They
symbolize true love and remembrance. 

On my table this morning, they enhanced the small pink tulips, in each tiny gift favor.

Years ago, my sister purchased a "brunch" I offered at a school benefit auction, and only
now it was being "cashed in".  She brought the dear women, that make up a Bible Study
group of friends.  What a delightful group of women to share a morning with!

The conversations, the laughter, the food and the pretty spring flowers, helped create a
memorable way to spend a warm, sunny morning.

And, you know how happy it makes me, when I can start bringing the flowers
from the outside, into my home, adding color and fragrance everywhere.
Thanks so much for stopping by! 


Stacey said...

I bet they loved being at your house because you have such a gift for making moments special.

debi said...

What a lovely idea to gift a meal! Your table looks so beautiful, but it always does :-)
I'm with you, bring those flowers in.....


Christine said...

I love everything about this post.
Especially, that your sister cashed in her purchase from years ago and your you didn't even bat a eye! That's sisterly love!

Judy said...

You made it most special for them! It all looks lovely! Now I'm wishing I had forget-me-nots to bring in. So pretty!


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