Saturday, May 30, 2015

Reflections from my heart this morning;

I have sat through Memorial services of good friends recently.  Each of those who were

honored, just happened to be the husband and the father of the family.  I listened intently

as those left behind, with heartbreak and sadness shared.   With memories flooding their

souls, they spoke of important and sometimes seemingly insignificant details they

longed to have us all know.  One learns a lot about people at Memorial services.  As

I sat in the audience, listening to the ones left behind, speaking, I came to a few of

my own conclusions.  Here are a few I came to;
~As a parent, all the trials and the errors that make up the
parenting role, and all the times one worries that they
failed in aspects of that role...will not be those things that are
shared.  No, "Love" remembers not those things.  "Love" remembers
the good in those who went away. 
"Love" remembers the strengths, the moments, the lessons learned,
the reassurances, the encouragements, all the life lessons...
"Love" remembers when everyone else walked out, the one who
walked in.

I heard about the leadership these men bestowed, the examples they
provided, and the lessons they taught.  Two of the adult children that
spoke at the one service, laughed as they shared how their dad
believed in hard work, and how chores were a big part of their Saturday

And, the gift of "time" given was paramount to all the memories shared.  Not one of

those who spoke, mentioned the material gifts that were bestowed on them as

being important aspects of their dads.  No that was not even mentioned.

I was reminded that kindness really does matter.  That lessons are learned.  That everyone

needs to feel cared for, and know that they are so important to you.  That words you

speak will linger, as the one man was remembered for the words "Keep up the good

work" that he spoke when saying his goodbyes to people.  A simple statement that

left a lasting impression. 

My conclusions to all I've heard, reminds me of a quote I read recently;

"These guys who fear becoming fathers don't understand that fathering is not

something that perfect men do, but something that perfects the man.  The end

product of child raising is not the child but the parent."   ~Frank Pittman, M.D.

As Father's Day rapidly approaches, I share these pictures of the loved
men in my family.  Deep gratitude fills my heart, with every thought of
these dear guys, and the children they have been blessed with.

The ones that they lead, they instruct, they give of their time to.

I pray that they are reminded on a daily basis, the importance they play in their roles... my family and in every family everywhere! 
I close with the words from the chorus of a song I heard years ago,
about what our worlds needs,
titled " A Few Good Men" by the Gaither Vocal Band;
"Men full of Compassion, who Laugh and Love and Cry-
Men who face Eternity and aren't afraid to die-
Men who'll fight for Freedom and Honor once again-
He just needs a Few Good Men."
Today I am thankful for my "few good men"!
I am also grateful for all the guys in my life, whether they are fathers
or not, they do play a big role in the lives of those around them.
Thanks for stopping by.


Jeane` said...

What a very, very special post! Love you and your heart, mom! Thank you.

Debbie said...

This was such a GOOD GOOD post. Such wisdom and truth spoken here. Love your header too....soo pretty. Enjoy your week-end sweet friend!

Unknown said...

Love this mom! So precious! Love you!!💙

Kathleen said...

So lovely! This would be a good post for Father's Day, too. It blesses me to witness the sweet ways in which your family invests in the lives of the little ones. What a legacy you've passed on.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

What a precious post and such good and true thoughts. Most of the "stuff" we fret over as we go through life will never be remembered in the end. Happy Lord's Day tomorrow!

Lauren said...

Hi Judy. I was just thinking about my blogging days...and kicking around the idea of starting a new blog. Lots on my mind that I want to capture and share.... I'm so glad to see that you are still actively blogging. You have always captured life, love and family in a way that really resonated with me. Hope you are well. Lauren

Judy said...

What a wonderful 'Father's Day' post. So is love that matters in the end! Thanks for reminding me of that song...'A Few Good Men'.


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