Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The mergers of creative minds and talent needed to bring that creativity to fruition, have
always been something I admire.  Today, I want to share two of many examples that
I saw that happen recently.

My niece was a bridesmaid in the wedding of a college friend this past weekend.  That
in itself is a honor.  But, on top of that, she baked the wedding cake and the cupcakes
served with it, at the reception.  Not only did she bake them, she decorated them,
created the pedestal stands, and display on which they were served, going perfectly in
the old library venue.  She has a career in finance, but has always enjoyed baking. She
offered to share her talents in this way, with the bride-to-be.  To me,it seemed like a
huge undertaking.  But, she handled the job with skill and ease.  I must admit, I was
proud of the finished product, and wanted to share it with you.

Pieces of walnut wood, sliced from a fallen tree and cut by her dad, were used as the display

Her famous Oreo cookie cupcakes, were the one flavor she baked, and...

Her equally famous chocolate/peanut butter cupcakes, were the other flavor, with chopped
Reese's peanut butter cups on the top. 

What a lovely display!  To make the pedestal displays, she used four wooden pieces that
were from a piece of furniture that she found on her dad's work bench.  She sprayed painted
them blue and secured them firmly onto each log slice.  How clever!  The old books in the
background, added to the unique, library décor of the evening.

Here my pretty niece is pictured on the right, along with the bride and another
one of the bridesmaids.

She is pictured here with her mother, who was instrumental in instilling in her,
the love of baking and cooking.  What a legacy to pass onto a child.

Speaking of creativity coming to fruition, a few years ago, my oldest daughter took
an old white shutter, painted it with chalk board paint, and decorated it with font and
pictures, as a gift to me on Mother's Day.  It has remained on my porch through four
seasons of the year, without fading.  On Sunday, she stopped over and said that she
wants to redo it for me, this time using chalk markers instead of chalk.

She wiped the shutter clean, and then in the presence of two of her young fans,
proceeded to the redoing process, with speed and artistic skill.  I was so impressed
as I sat on the sofa watching the transformation taking place.

The new chalk markers added a brightness to the board that the chalk was not able
to do. 

I was amazed, that even the pictures were drawn with speed and skill.

And, here is the updated version of my "Porch Rules" shutter.  Oh, and by the way,
she did correct the spelling of the word "reminisce", in case any of you picked it up.
I am so thrilled with this masterpiece!

Along with the theme of this post, containing beauty and creativity...this is what
I found last evening, as I was driving home.  The breathtaking scene, caused me
to once again, stop by the road and take a picture.  Exquisite beauty that cannot
be replicated by mere humans.  It made me want to grab a lawn chair, and sit
for hours by the water:)
Thank you for stopping by!   



Debbie said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this post! The wedding cake and cupcakes are truly works of art. I LOVED them. And I bet they were yummy too. I have always wanted to know how to decorate cakes like that, but I have a feeling we are talking lots of patience, so not sure how that would work out, lol. And I LOVE your porch sign. Sooo talented. LOVE things like that. And the fact that your daughter made it? Well now it's really something special. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Anneliese said...

A beautiful gift, re-emphasized!

Jeane` said...

Rachel's cake/cupcakes/presentation where AMAZING.

And your works about my little chalk markers were very kind...almost sounds like you would be my biased mother or something. ;)

Judy said...

Beautiful...the wedding cake and the cupcakes! Now...if only we could reach out and sample. :)

What a great porch sign! Most special.

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Happy@Home said...

Once again I am thinking of the abundant talent and creativity among your family members. The wedding cake and cupcakes are fabulous and I like her interesting ideas for displaying them.
The re-purposed shutter is adorable. A lovely list of rules for the summer porch.


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