Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Some holidays are busy with activities, and some are not.  This past weekend provided some
rare free time for my husband and I.  When I find myself with free time, I always discover
ways to fill it.  With such crystal clear weather, and lots of sunshine, I spent some
time learning new aspects of my camera.  You see, I am not one to read instruction books
right away.  No, I only do that if I run into snags and have to figure out how to do
what I want to do, in taking pictures. 

A few years ago, a good friend gave me three small peony plants.   Each year, these
plants produce more and more flowers.  Right now, there are so many gorgeous
flowers on those bushes, that I just had to share them with you.

One of my rose bushes is producing in abundance, and each delicate, fragrant flower
adds beauty to my home, too.

My mother's flower beds are filled with petunias.

It provided me with comfort and a peaceful feeling, as I took pictures of each exquisite,
colorful flower.

The pine tree contributed it's own source of color.

I like the lamp on my porch, and think that it's tiny lights add the right
touch to the old table.
Simple enjoyment on a holiday weekend.  I spent time thinking about
those living in Texas and Oklahoma over the weekend.  I cannot imagine what they
are going through with so much rain and wind.  Made me appreciate our sunshine
all the more.
Today, a good friend that I mentioned on the last post, went to heaven.
Another good bye in my world.
This is what I am resting in tonight;
"There is no place beyond His strength,
no boundaries to His love,
no limit to His mercies,
no problem outside His solution,
no need beyond His care."
~Roy Lessin
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Debbie said...

Good morning! Just enjoyed this post and your previous one that I had missed. I soo enjoyed them both as I always do your posts. Your pictures are ALWAYS sooo good! A perfect way to enjoy the holiday week-end in my opinion. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your friends, Soo hard sometimes. I have lifted their families in prayer, Enjoy the rest of your week!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Well, you sure seem to know your camera with the amazing photos you have shared! They are beautiful! I was just strolling with my sister, around the yard of the home she just moved into, identifying and admiring the many plants. She has quite a few peony and they are all abloom.

The flower arrangements you created are lovely! So nice to hear you had a bit of down time this past weekend as I know you have been so busy. The quote you shared at the end of your post is so encouraging :)

Take care, sweet friend!

Anneliese said...

I had to sit and stare at your beautiful rose and rosebuds header! And the rest of your flower photos are beautiful as well! I'm sorry about the loss of another friend so recently. May the family be comforted by the hope we have in God.

Judy said...

I see the time spent playing with your camera paid off splendidly! Such lovely blooms captured so nicely. What a beautiful header! Sometimes a quiet weekend is exactly what we need!

My heart goes out to you as you mourn the loss of yet another friend. Though you look forward to meeting them again one day...and know they are safely in the arms of their Saviour...still they are deeply missed. May God give you comfort and peace.

Happy@Home said...

During the time I have been reading your blog it has become evident to me that you are a busy lady. I have enjoyed reading about the time you spend making wonderful memories with your family members and the special gift you have for being a blessing in the lives of so many.
I am glad you were able to have some down time over the weekend too. The manner in which you spent your down time is a real treat for us as your photos are just beautiful and so calming. My peonies came and went before I had time to truly appreciate them so I am really enjoying this opportunity to see yours up close. I like the fact that your friend gave them to you.

Kathleen said...

Oooooo. And to think I gathered up a bounty of blessings in the form of blooms absolutely free ~ bonus! You've got a good eye for what to train your camera on. I'm getting better at traveling with mine, but I rarely capture anything as stunning as your photos.


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