Friday, October 3, 2014

There are times, when someone you care about, is feeling under the weather, and not
able to carry out the every day duties of daily life.  You hurt for your friend, and you want
to let her know, in some small way, that you are thinking about her.  If you know for a fact,
that she really likes mushroom soup, this may be just the thing.  But, if she prefers another
flavor of soup, this small gift idea, would work for that too.  By now, you probably have
figured out that I thoroughly enjoy putting small gifts together for others, and this is
another example of just that. like mushroom soup, I will tell you that my husband and I really liked this soup!
In fact, he said, "it was the best mushroom bisque he had tasted!  I purchased Amy's soups
in the organic section of my local grocery store.

I purchased a package of fresh mushrooms and sautéed them lightly in a pan, with butter,
until they were slightly soft and light brown in color.
I emptied two cans of the mushroom bisque into another pan, added a touch of salt
and pepper and 1 heaping tablespoon of light sour cream.  I stirred the sautéed
mushrooms into the soup, and simmered it on med. low for 10 minutes. 

This bowl was for my husband as his dinner, along with a grilled cheese sandwich.  To
add a bit of color, I sprinkled some chives on top of the soup.

The remaining soup was cooled, poured into a clean, empty mayonnaise
jar, and refrigerated until ready to give as a gift.  This is such an easy process that
I hesitate to share it with you all.
I purchased the pretty, sturdy mug at the dollar store, and the soft, fuzzy pair of
slippers at a local K Mart Store.

I placed some colorful filler into the mug, placed the jar of soup into the mug.
Set the mug on a large sheet of clear cellophane and pulled it up over the mug
and the soup.  I cut a long piece of red ribbon and tied the ribbon tightly
over the cellophane.  I placed the slippers on the ribbon, and then tied the
ribbon a second time, to hold the slippers in place.

Then, as I always do, I made a fun, colorful tag and tied it onto the ribbon.
I should have labeled the soup, "semi-homemade" instead of homemade,
because of the few steps that went into it's contents.  I finished the gift by
making a bow with the same ribbon and tying it onto the front of the mug.

A mug, some hot soup, and a pair of comfy slippers, will be dropped off at my
friend's door.  An easy way to let someone know you are thinking about them,
and praying for them to get better soon.

With clear white index cards, a vintage apron sticker, and a stamp, I whipped up this
little card.  The card is always an important part of the gift, but how you make it
is unimportant.

I am sure we all come in contact each week, with those who are
going through difficult times in their lives, whether it is with a
physical illness, or many other painful situations.  As the weather gets
colder, and the winter approaches, a hot mug of soup and a warm
pair of slippers, just might brighten anyone's day.
Thank you to "Amy" and company, for creating such a
delicious mushroom bisque.
Thanks to each of you for dropping by for yet another one of my
 endless,simple gift idea posts.

8 comments: said...

I am so inspired... what a joy it is for those friends and family to be the recipient of your never ending creative kindness... I just added Amy's mushroom to my list for the grocery store, but somehow I KNOW it won't tast as good as yours, and for sure it won't be packaged so beautifully. God has gifted you my friend, with ideas that just flow, and it's because they flow from your heart. I love it!!! :)

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Oh, I love that you share these ideas with us. I, too, love doing little "happies" for folks that need a "lift." I haven't done any lately as I'm so consumed with the construction of our new house but I hope to find time to do some random acts of kindness soon. Always enjoy your posts! Happy weekend!

Judy said...

I'm not sure if Amy is cooking in Canada...but I am going to take a look! What great ideas all around...from sprucing up the soup to packaging it up so beautifully as a gift. I brought soup, buns and dessert to a friend's home last night...but I must say, it wasn't packaged nearly so nicely!

Have a wonderful weekend.

lindsey said...

This is a great gift idea, im not keen on mushrooms but i do like mushroom soup...strange I know :)
I am sure your friend was greatly blessed by your thoughtful gift

Christine said...

It maybe easy to "make" but you have such a wonderful way of taking the simple and making it extraordinary.

Plus, it's always great to be reminded to give to others. And it doesn't take much, as you have shown us.

debi said...

I love the sound of that soup...made me want to run out and buy some! You are just the sweetest friend. God has blessed you with the gift of hospitality and mercy :-)

Love is kind :-)


Anneliese said...

I love how you did this! This is such an example of what you are so good at!

corners of my life said...

Your friends are SO lucky that you love putting together small gifts for others. What a blessing you are to them.


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