Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lately, I've walked out my back door, and for a few moments in time, I feel
like I have "gardener status".  Really, my "Knock Out" roses are taking over my
small garden.  I ask myself the question, "how is it, that now, near the middle of
October,  my roses more in abundance than they were all summer?"

Pink and red blooms are everywhere.  Tiny pink and red buds peek through
all the blooms, leading me to believe that they wish their growing season would
continue on indefinitely:)

I did a bit of research on "Knock Out" roses, and thought you might be interested
in what I learned from;

"Little compares to the beautiful and delicate petals of a vibrant-colored rose.  If
you love roses but hesitate to grow this work-intensive flower, the "Knock Out"
rose is your answer.  "Knock Out" roses are easy to grow, require little care and
adapt to any landscape.  They are disease resistant, heat tolerant and grow
in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 9."

"William Radler is the creator of "Knock Out" roses.  His fascination for roses
started as a child.  He purchases his first rose at age nine for 49 cents and the rose
flourished.  He began looking for more roses, and always looked for a bargain.
He soon learned that roses required a lot of care and wanted to discover a rose
that could  withstand the cold and did not require pesticides.  After 15 years of
trial and error, be bred the most disease resistant rose, the "Knock Out".

A few facts I learned from this article;
~The "Knock Out" rose requires six or more hours of sunshine a day.
~It performs best if fed after each blooming cycle with a fertilizer specifically
for roses.
~It is self-cleaning, the faded flowers do not require removal.
~The "Knock Out" roses can be pruned down to six inches in late fall, and will
spring back the next growing season.
~Removing one-third of the old branches every two or three years helps to stimulate
new growth.

This fact is from the 95 year old lady, who lives in the farm nearby to me, and whose
"Knock Out" rose bushes are heartier and more beautiful than any I have ever seen.  She
said she places manure on them every fall.  Lots of manure.  Then she was kind
enough to offer me some buckets of their manure for me to take home and place on
my bushes:)  I declined her gracious offer, knowing that the aroma in my car would
most likely remain for a long time.  Today, even without the fertilizer of manure, my
roses are still beautiful!

As is the only real rose bush that I have planted.  Today, it has five gorgeous blooms on it.
I must admit though, this bush does require a lot more of my time and attention, and
does not produce as many blooms throughout the summer as my "Knock Out" rose
bushes do.  Although, it's blooms are my favorite!

A few straggly looking daisies do remain in the garden today, along with... lone blooming pansy that decided to appear again,
after disappearing all summer.
A new day is ahead.
A gift to each one of us.
Wishing you the best as you walk through the day.
Wanting to remember with you today, that
"Kindness does give birth to kindness", and focusing on the beauty
in our world, is more encouraging than focusing on the ugly
in our world.
Thanks for stopping here!


Stacey said...

Hope you have a great day today, Judy. Enjoy your Knockouts. I do. :)

Happy@Home said...

I'm reading your post as I sip my morning coffee and thinking it is such a lovely way to start the day.
Your knock out roses are so pretty. I have noticed the same thing around here as far as a fresh flush of blooms happening. I have always liked them for the fact that they don't require pesticides and require very little care. I must say knowing that they came into existence because of a nine year old boy's love for roses makes them even more special.
Judy, the thoughts in your closing paragraph are heartfelt and meaningful. Thank you for that. It is always my pleasure to visit you here.

Privet and Holly said...

I've heard of Knock-out
roses for many years, but
never knew what made them
so unique. Thank you for
the lesson and for sharing
the gorgeous pictures of
your flowers! I still have a
few black-eyed susans and
an abundance of zinnias,
but the weatherman has
predicted a strong frost for
tonight, so who knows what
I'll find in the morning.....

Have a happy Friday!

xo Suzanne

Judy said...

This day was indeed a gift! It was a beautiful day over here on the west coast...and I took time to 'smell the roses' as well! Hope you had a lovely day as well!


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