Saturday, October 18, 2014

Can you believe that it is Saturday again?  The weeks rush by so quickly.  In this early
morning hour, I sit by my computer, feeling like my creativity bin is almost empty:)
But, because I like when you all share ideas, I will share a few things I found lately,
with you.  Just some fun little some things for you.  You need to grab a cup of coffee
or tea first.

I found this pad of 12 bows in the craft isle of the Target Store.  By now,
you remember that I like to add pizazz to ordinary things, and make them
a bit more colorful, special, and prettier, and these help with that.

All you need is a glue stick, and to follow the simple instructions, and you can take
a paper bag of any color, and add the "wow" factor to it.

The bows are different colors and designs, and there were many color combinations in the
display.  I liked how this small brown bag looked with polka dots. 

Here I used a tiny white bag, added an orange bow, and a real leaf to hold the tag.  Endless
ways to use these pretty bows.  You can top jars with them, or little boxes. 

Another product I purchased lately, and found it to be a favorite.  In fact, I have it placed
on my bedside table, and it's hydration is impressive.  The cube itself, is so attractive!

I think this company believes in the importance of presentation, too.
I purchased the little cube at the Christmas Tree Shop.
There were different colors and flavors in the shampoo isle.
I chose "pomegranate blueberry". 

These tiny cubes are so cute, that I think they would make beautiful favors for the holidays,
or for a special dinner party.  Months ago, I was helping a friend with favors for a dinner
she was hosting to celebrate her mother's birthday.  I found these faux silver trays.  They
looked so elegant and yet were so inexpensive.  For fun, I sat the cube on it, added a
ribbon and a tag. This favor would add a touch of color and elegance to any table. 
One more thing about these trays.  My friend placed one of her molasses cookies on
each tray, put it in a clear cellophane bag, with ribbon and tag.

Just in case you wish to order these, you can find them here;
(search small silver trays 3286 NSB)

What was only last week, an ordinary olive jar, now became a
container for homemade salad dressing from my kitchen.
The labels were removed, the jar washed with hot, soapy
water, and dried thoroughly.  I used a rub-on design from
my craft drawer, and rubbed it on with a wooden
popsicle stick.  I placed a colorful cupcake holder on top of the lid,
tied it.

The design is temporary, because it will come off if washed with hot water, but
it looks good when the gift is given.  And, because I really like when you all share
favorite recipes,  I will share this dressing recipe with you.  It is from "Taste of
Home" magazine.


1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/3 cup red wine vinegar
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons finely chopped onion
1/2 tsp. salt
2/3 cup of vegetable oil
3 tablespoons of poppy seeds

In a food processor combine sugar, vinegar lemon juice, onion, and salt.  Process
until well blended.  Gradually add oil and blend well.  Add poppy seeds and mix
just until blended.  Refrigerate in an air tight container several hours or a day ahead.
PS.  I do not use a food processor.  I place all ingredients in a large jar and shake

Teaching young children the importance of creating and adding beauty to every day, is
what took place recently, at my daughter's kitchen table.  She hosted a family brunch, and
had fun things for the youngest ones in attendance.

I appreciated their enthusiasm as they eagerly dressed up these
cute little turkeys.  I wondered if it could be possible that someday,
they would be dressing up their own olive jars:)

Nothing though can compare to the exquisite beauty that God, the Master Artist, creates
and shares with us daily, in our world.  It is a gift that goes on quietly, behind the scenes,
without fanfare, and yet it's beauty defies description.

Thank you for stopping by today.  I wish you moments to soak in the scenes around you,
especially in this lovely time of the year.

6 comments: said...

You make me smile!! I WILL be using your recipe, sounds perfect. I also just ordered 24 of the little silver trays... I will be giving either lip balm or cookies and package them up to look special at Christmas for a lot of friends and family. THANK YOU AGAIN Judy... your ideas are the very best!!!


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Yes, thank you for always sharing your cleaver ideas. I love giving cute well presented gifts and those trays would work well for that. I'm about to check them out.

Happy weekend!

Judy said...

Thanks for being so willing to pass along your great ideas. You are always an inspiration!

Happy@Home said...

I agree with all of the others.. Thank You for sharing your simple, yet beautiful ideas.
As I read this post I couldn't help but wonder who would ever think to make an ordinary olive jar look so pretty? Why, Judy, of course :).
I'm going to be on the lookout for those lip gloss cubes. I think they would make perfect stocking stuffers for a few people on my list.

Stacey said...

Keep the ideas coming Judy! The holidays are coming and I'm already feeling stressed. My mom loves that lip gloss and I'm going to do your idea. :)

lindsey said...

I am never disappointed when I visit your blog Judy, you have great creative ideas and I love how you and your daughter pass on this gift to the little ones. My daughters twins now attend a school of creative arts which teaches the curriculum around the arts. This is a great opportunity for those who are creatively minded. I love your photos and especially that last 'fall' photo, the scenery and colours in your part of the world are amazing!


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