Tuesday, October 7, 2014


On this particular Saturday morning, four of us, and Buster, took a walk through the
woods, wanting to take in the beauty of the Fall season, and to capture it all with
our trusty cameras.  Me, my Sony, and her, her Fisher Price.  The other two
walked along with us, or should I say, waited patiently for us.

She found bright colored berries, and colorful flowers that she immediately knew she
wanted to photograph.  Of course, as a grandmother, I was thrilled with her obvious
interest in one of my favorite hobbies. 

We took pictures of the  many colorful berries...

...and flowers, even if some of them had seen their better days, earlier in the Fall:)

She stopped every few minutes, finding hidden jewels that she just had to capture, and
she took it all so seriously...

...finding just the exact spot to photograph.  A little, amateur photographer, who also
loves to do her own hairstyles, headband and all:)

And, after she was done capturing, she wanted me to take my turn.  I must admit, there
were so many photo ops, on the clear, brisk Fall October morning.

But, in the end, I shared with her, that taking pictures of those we love, is the very best! 
Capturing moments is by far, the most treasured part of photography for me, because
one never knows the memories that these pictures may trigger, when they are viewed
years from now.  In fact, right now, as I look at this picture we took on Saturday, it
already triggers precious memories for me. 

This post reminds me of something I read recently by Lance Wubbels, in his book,
"If Only I Knew". 

that I was caught in a trap
of living for tomorrow
and a future that existed
only in my imagination.
I would have slowed my pace,
drawn boundaries around my work,
and taken time for the people I love."

Photography and someone to share my enthusiasm for it, blessed my heart, this past
weekend.  Thank you for stopping by and allowing me the privilege of sharing my
joy with you today.

One more thing...if you enjoy seeing others photography, and you find yourself sitting
by the computer with some free minutes, here are some sites where the photography
inspires me;





April said...

What a beautiful post! I take photos for the same reasons...memories.

Kim said...

Oh my goodness, the picture of your budding photographer with the fabulous hairdo is definitely something she will treasure later on! Way too cute!!

lindsey said...

Wonderful photos and great fun to enjoy walks in the country especially at this time of the year..think I could do with one of those head bands to keep my hair at bay when I'm taking photos :)

Christine said...

Love the hairdo!
With her camera and studying the flower, she is ready! What a great roll model she has in you!

Anneliese said...

Love the serious little photographer
and what you were able to teach her about capturing precious moments of people we love. She will remember that.


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