Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Sunday evening we had an invitation to our friend's home.  I knew you would enjoy
seeing the Fall decorations and creativity exhibited by the family that live here.
The front door vignette was colorful and tastefully arranged.  Everything said, "welcome".

It was a treat to look around this home and see how they used nature and lighting to create
ambience and coziness.  What a great idea, to intertwine a string of tiny lights, in with the
pumpkins and gourds.

The table scape was exceptionally done in the fall design, with leaves and
pumpkins as the dominant theme.

But, the highlight of the evening, was this beautiful young lady, who happens
to be their youngest child.  She is an excellent cook!  She planned the dinner for
twelve, cooked the dinner, and her and her lovely sister, served the dinner to
the twelve of us.  Now, I have cooked and served many a dinner in my life time,
and I can tell you, for me, to cook and serve a meal for twelve, is a real feat, and
I do it with fear and trepidation:)  Hence, I so admire this young lady.
With calmness, finesse, and great skill, she handled it all.  On top of that, the
meal was exceptionally delicious!!!   How did she do it?  She even baked the
bread that was served, and it melted in one's mouth.

Here she is with her older sister, and her mother.  What a trio!  They pulled this meal off with
such style and grace, that one almost did not notice ALL that was involved.  I admire these
women so much!  I will stand on the sidelines and watch as this young girl works her way
through the cooking world.  Right now, she is working at a lovely tea room in our town,
with a stellar reputation, and I can't help but think she is a big part of that.

Some of the recipes she used were from the "Food Network"
magazine.  Three cheers for that magazine, if all their recipes taste as good as her food

I wish I could remember the name of this chocolate icebox cake she made, but I do
remember the raves I heard about it.  Look how she had each plate sprinkled with
powdered cocoa, before placing the cake slices on it.  Isn't that impressive, especially
for someone as young as this girl is? 

I want to thank my youngest sister for taking these photos throughout the
evening and sharing them with me, so that I can share them with you.
I enjoy seeing young people tackling projects and running with them, in
today's world.  I believe these two sisters could successfully tackle any project,
and do it skillfully, and with smiles on their faces.
Thanks for stopping by!


Stacey said...

Well I can tell just by the little peek in the kitchen that it was special. The plates all sprinkled with cocoa and that artwork on the counter make it look amazing. We love to entertain too but grace isn't always part of it. ;)
Sometimes it's stressful and we fake it.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Stacey, if truth be known, that is true so often. In fact, if I questioned the mother and daughters, I am sure they might quickly admit that too, but, from our perspective, it all went off so smoothly and yes, with grace and ease:) I do like your honesty though, and sometimes I would like to share that side of my dinners too.

Debbie said...

I am right there with you...totally impressed!! Having had many large dinners at our house over the years I know first hand the time, work, and effort that goes into such an adventure, and for such a young girl to pull it off so graciously is just soo neat! I love that...Enjoy your day!

lindsey said...

You are right, the Fall decor is beautiful and what a confident and gifted young lady to plan and prepare a meal for twelve!

Lovella ♥ said...

Wow Judy, that is just really beautiful and so inspiring. I love the cooks shoes too. =)
Those vignettes are so attractive and so warm and inviting.
Glad you were treated to such a lovely dinner.

Judy said...

Most special...from the decor to the fine food served up for you by such an efficient young lady! I love the idea of putting mini-lights in with gourds and leaves. n

Judy said...

Most special...from the decor to the fine food served up for you by such an efficient young lady! I love the idea of putting mini-lights in with gourds and fall leaves.


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