Saturday, April 19, 2014

With little ones in my care at certain times of the week, we
have recently become a "Jell-O" home.
When they are here, they always ask to make more Jell-O.
With this being said, I wanted to make something for dessert, that would excite
them when they come for our Easter meal.
I took seven boxes of different flavors and colors, and went to work on
my simple project.

I took some of my old ice cream dishes, and some other old dishes and set them in a 9 x 13 inch
cake pan.  I would take one box at a time and make it, and then pour a layer in the dishes.  I would
place the pan of dishes in the refrigerator for 45 minutes, and then I would make the next layer,
and carefully pour on top of the previous layer.

It seems like this process would take forever, but it did not.  Throughout the evening, I would
do each layer in between my other kitchen projects.  I used one box of each flavor, and it made
all of these desserts.

As I was filling each one, I did not anticipate how good the layers would look in the unique glass
dishes.  It almost looks like I did the colors according to the ridges in the glass dishes, but I didn't
do that, intentionally. 

And, since they always ask for some of the "white stuff"(as they call it) on top, I will finish
each dessert with some whipped cream and a few colorful jelly beans.

One box filled each glass dish, and with the remainder of the Jell-O, I filled some jelly jars for
another time.  So you can see, each box of Jell-O goes a long way in putting together this
fun, simple dessert.

I had to show you these two pictures from the boys stay here this past week.  They were so happy
to make the Jolly Rancher flavor.  They take the job quite seriously, as you can see by their
concentrated expressions.

Our world is full of color, and because of it, the world is
far more beautiful.

Sometimes, I find myself taking it all for granted in my daily life, but think what our world would
be like without color.

This Easter weekend, I wish you lots of color, and time to recognize it
and enjoy it.
Thank you for stopping by!
Thank you to the Jell-O company for adding
enjoyment to our grandchildren's stays here.
As the name of my blog states, I truly offer only " a little something" here:)


Debbie said...

What a wonderful idea! The kids will love it. Your such a sweet grandma...Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter Day!

lindsey said...

These look amazing Judy, I would love to have all those colours here in the UK. And you are right they look perfect in those sundae dishes. And you had plenty left over! The boys are growing so fast, I expect they just love coming over to stay at Grandmas :)

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

I love your "little something" today and what a cleaver idea with the jello! My grans love jello and I might have to think about doing something like that for them.

No I cannot imagine a world without color!

Easter blessings!

Happy@Home said...

What a great idea, Judy. They look almost too pretty to eat. I can just imagine the smiles when they see these colorful creations.
Love that pic of your two little guys preparing their jello. Hard to believe how big they've gotten :).
Happy Easter to you and your family.

Anneliese said...

You truly do always have a little something. I thought that you had layered the jello according to the ridges. It really looks like it and they are the prefect dishes for the layering.

Judy said...

Your bright layered jello desserts looked most delightful...especially topped with 'white stuff' and jelly beans! Bright colours are perfect for this season.

Kathleen said...

How clever! I must say though, with the sight of Jello I found myself chuckling. My mother made some of the darndest recipes with Jello. Most were wonderful, but her orange carrot & pineapple salad never struck my fancy.

Your life is certainly filled with color. I love that you do not take it for granted, but capture it for us to enjoy too.


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