Friday, April 25, 2014

A few jelly jars from the Dollar General Store...
Along with some decorated plastic spoons...
A role of fancy tape...
All inspired by a pretty Hallmark card.

I am hosting a birthday brunch for my middle daughter next week, for a few relatives and friends.
One of her requests, was for fresh fruit and yogurt.  I thought this simple, quick idea would work
in her pink and green theme.  I was inspired by this attractive Hallmark card.  Actually, I think it
is one of the prettiest Hallmark's cards that I have ever seen!

All that was needed for this project...
A bag of inexpensive flower buttons from the Walmart craft section.
A cold glue gun.
Plastic spoons.
Colorful tape added to the ridged section of each jar.

A dab of glue on each button and placed on the top of each plastic spoon.  The variations of this
project, are endless, but for this brunch, this will work.

The jars will look better with the colorful fruit and yogurt in them, but I thought I would share
them with you ahead of time, just in case you want to jazz up some of your jelly jars:)

Another way I might serve the jars, would be to place some vanilla ice cream in each one,
and layer the ice cream with chocolate Oreo crumbs, ending with the crumbs as the top
layer.  This would give the appearance of dirt.  The spoon with the flower, stuck into the dirt,
might give the appearance of small pots of flowers.

These pretty little pink and white muffin cups, were the perfect way to bake some pumpkin
muffins for the brunch.  I was given these for a gift, and always like baking in them.

A few months ago, my husband and I ate at a very special pantry restaurant.  Before our meal,
the server brought us a warm loaf of bread.  We both thought it tasted amazing, and I asked
the server if I could possibly have the recipe.  She said, "sure, you can buy our cookbook",
and I did.

So, now because I like you all, I will share it with you.  When I first saw the recipe, I
thought they made a mistake and eliminated the eggs.  But no, eggs are not needed. 
I sprinkled a bit of my cinnamon/sugar mixture on top of each muffin before baking. 
For our family, these muffins remain a favorite!

That is it for this post.  A touch of color to jelly jars, and a recipe that I feel is worth

Thank you for stopping by today, and like the Hallmark card above states, "you do
make a difference", in all the lives you touch each day.


Judy said...

We have a local gift shop whose slogan is 'make it beautiful'. Now that could be your slogan as well! You have a way of making things special. Thanks for sharing!

Stacey said...

I agree that you make everything beautiful! You really do have the special touch and I love all your ideas. :)

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

It all looks so pretty, Judy! What a special birthday lunch it will be. The cute buttons on the ends of the spoons is adorable! I know I will be using this idea! Thanks so much for the pretty inspiration!

Happy@Home said...

I would thoroughly agree with Judy's comment... you DO have a way of making things special. What a lovely way to make your daughter feel special and loved.
I am going to have to start looking at my cards with fresh eyes. You carried out the theme of that card so well and your guests are in for a real treat.
Thanks too for the recipe. I just happen to have some pumpkin in my freezer that I've been wanting to use up.

Kathleen said...

Even I could do that jelly jar thing. Fabulous! How do you "see" these things? I have visions of you sleeping and, instead of sugarplums dancing in your head, are a myriad craft projects. Me? Only sugarplums.

I'm thinking you must be a huge fan of Michael's and Hobby Lobby.


Christine said...

Creative and thoughtful party for your daughter.
Love the jelly jar idea. Oh, the ideas I have for this project.
Thanks again (and again and again) for all you ideas and recipes.

Anneliese said...

So neat to see how you get inspired even by a card. I was looking for the jars on the card... that would be me.. . but you saw the flowers and the colors and came up with jars!


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