Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Just a very little something, from me, to you today.

Emptied three cans of corn needed for a recipe last evening.

Purchased two containers of Pansies at the grocery store, on sale.

Removed the paper wrappers, grabbed my roll of burlap and hot glued some onto each can.
Placed two Pansies into each can.  Used some of my wooden skewers to make the tags.
Simple, inexpensive, tiny gifts from recycled corn cans.

That is it for today.

Thank you for stopping by.


Stacey said...

Adorable and so thoughtful!

Debbie said...

cute idea...you have soo many of them! Enjoy your day!

Lovella ♥ said...

That is so cute Judy! I'll have to use your beautiful little idea too.

lindsey said...

Brilliant idea Judy...you are so clever!

Happy@Home said...

Oh, how cute! Sure to bring a smile to the recipient.

corners of my life said...

Hmmm - curious what your recipe was that called for three cans of fresh steamed corn?

Anneliese said...

A little something from Judy is always.... oh, so cute!!


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