Monday, April 21, 2014

 Just a few "miscellaneous moments" on this Monday morning.

My husband and I were driving from a friend's home recently, and when we went around a corner,
this is what we found on the road.  Actually, there were four huge turkeys slowly walking on the
road.  First time in my life for such a scene.  We stopped and waited until they moved off
the road.  One never knows what one may find on the roads in our part of the country.  I guess
they felt safe knowing Easter was the upcoming holiday and not Thanksgiving:)

My talented sister-in-law is known for her delicious deviled eggs.  She is requested to bring them
to each family dinner.  This time though, she had three "peeps" in the top bowl.  I thought it
was such a cute idea and knew you might like it too. 

Speaking of good ideas, look how she did her carrot, in decorating the dip on the relish tray.
Another creative idea in jazzing up a plate of food. 

Our grandchildren took part in the Easter program, at their little country church.  My husband
and I enjoyed it so much!  Here our granddaughter in her role as an angel at the tomb of Jesus,
sang with two other friends.  I must admit, I was pleased at how beautiful the song sounded,
from the three pretty angels!

After the church service, I snapped this picture of my husband and his grandson, walking and
talking on the trail by the side of the church.  It seemed like they were intense in their
conversation, and I found myself wondering what they were talking about?  Rare, treasured
moments of life.

While waiting for dinner to be served, I watched my daughter and her daughter, playing
"hangman" together.  My thoughts were numerous yesterday, as I observed four generations in one
kitchen, my mother, me, my daughter, and her daughters, and thought of the many Easter
celebrations that we all went through together, over the years.  Another one of those treasured moments.

They had performed in their church Easter program, they had eaten the Sunday meal, they had been
running in the field, and then they had a small Easter egg hunt.  What a busy day for these
little ones.  Finally, time to inspect and taste their egg hunt finds.

Miscellaneous moments make up the days, hours, and minutes of our every week.  Some of them
stick with us for a lifetime, and some are forgotten soon after they happen.  But, today, as
my mind is reminded of the Boston Marathon bombing that took place a year ago on this
exact day, I want to be conscious of the people and the moments that make up each day, and
I never want to take them for granted.  Moments and those who comprise them, are all truly
gifts in the tapestry of our lives.

Let someone you love, know that they matter today.

You all matter to me!  Thanks for stopping by.

I close this post, with a quote from a book on my shelf,
titled, "If Only I Knew", by Lance Wubbels; 

"If Only I Knew...
that I was caught in a trap
of living for tomorrow
and a future that existed
only in my imagination,
I would have slowed my pace,
drawn boundaries around my work,
and taken time for the people I love."

Wow!  This sure spoke to my heart again today, and I pray for it to imprint my mind
throughout this coming week. 


Debbie said...

Loved hearing about your Easter celebrations...It all sounded wonderful and just as it should be. I too find myself wanting to freeze certain moments as they come. The older I get the more important I realize those "moments" really are. How I love visiting here Judy. You always touch my heart. Have a GOOD day!

lindsey said...

Looks like you had a wonderful family celebration together . I love your photos, those eggs do look delicious and to see those little ones tucking into their chocolate eggs made me smile :)

debi said...

Lovely photo gallery of you day! Especially love the photo of Grandpa and Grandson ...warmed my heart.


Anneliese said...

Precious moments over there. I love how you appreciate them and share them. You are blessed and I know that you know that in a humble way. We have much to be thankful for.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Well, I didn't think about it, but we had 4 generations present for our Easter celebration as well. What a blessing!

Love the photo of your Hubby and Grandson. Precious!

Happy week!

Judy said...

And that is a quote we would all do well to recall...often! Slow down and live in the moment...take time for those we love.

Thanks for allowing us a peek into your family Easter celebrations. Beautiful snapshots of the joys of Easter 2014!

Kathleen said...

Wonderful photos & snippets of your life! I couldn't help but think how grateful am I to have learned the lesson you feature: to take time for the truly important things in life. No wonder you see and capture so many of them for us to enjoy.

Happy@Home said...

Oh that quote is a good one and one I need to read often just to remind myself when I forget.
It was so fun to see some of the special moments that made up your Easter. You captured it all beautifully in photos and words. I did have to laugh at your turkey sighting. That must have come as quite a surprise!


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