Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Last evening was a lovely Spring evening.  We were on our way to our friend's home.

But, as we drove to our destination, we could see the storm clouds rapidly forming.

Storm clouds that were rapidly blocking out the sun, which only minutes before, lit up the
evening sky.

As my husband and I drove along, we were amazed at the transformation above us.  And yet,
despite the dark storm clouds taking over, the sun's rays continued to shine.

Before long though, darkness took over the evening sky. 

The storm was about to hit. 

Then the wind, the rain, and the hail took over with furry.

Within minutes, the sun came back out, and along with it, a double rain-
bow, producing beauty even greater than before the storm.

Isn't that how daily life can be?  All can be going along somewhat smoothly in our lives,
but suddenly, one can sense storm clouds gathering.  The unexpected storms can hit, and
everything changes.  One phone call can change everything.  That is exactly what happened
to our friends at church.  Their family had celebrated Easter together, enjoying each other's
company, only to receive a phone call within hours, that their father and father-in-law had
suffered a major heart attack.  Talk about unexpected storms hitting.

But, fortunately, eventually the storm does pass by, sometimes as quickly as it comes,
but, sometimes not so quickly.   Some storms can last a long time, before the sun appears

Last evening, we were fortunate to see the beginning and the ending of the storm, all within
a few hours time, and even better than that, we were treated to an extra special, refreshing,
treat by our host and hostess.  Angel food cake, with strawberries, blueberries, and a
dollop of whipped cream.  Oh, it tasted so good!

As for our dear church friends, they are still in the midst of a bad storm, and our thoughts and
prayers are going out to them daily.

Thank you for stopping by.


Privet and Holly said...

Judy, your analogy
between storms and
life is spot on. I know
people who are at various
stages of life's storms--
either still plodding
through it, head down,
or basking in the rainbows
after surviving one. Thanks
for these lovely pictures--
wow, what a sky!

xo Suzanne

Debbie said...

Those pictures were spectacular, but the analogy even more so. It is just so true how quickly life's storms can come upon you. Good thing we have the King of creation to see us through. Enjoy your day!

lindsey said...

Beautiful photos Judy and a poignant reminder to just how fast those storms can arrive. Thankfully we have an Almighty God to help us through them, whatever the outcome.
That angel food cake looks wonderful, my daughter mad one a few months back and I really must try it too. Thanks for sharing :)

debi said...

Beautiful shots of that magnificent sky!
True analogy of life..storms come but they always pass. I needed that reminder today.


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

What a great analogy! Loved your pics and how true, our lives can change in a matter of minutes. I have lived through so many storms and most of them came with no warning. But, the Lord has used all of them to make into the woman I am today, knowing He can use all for our good and His glory.

corners of my life said...

A perfect reminder that storms do pass - just hold on . . .

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

How wonderful to see the double rainbow. You did a wonderful job correlating the storms beginning and end to things that happen in our life. Praying for your church friend as well


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