Sunday, April 7, 2013

We drove through miles of countryside on Saturday morning.
We made a great find.
A barn and house filled with "forgotten for decades" treasures.
The perfect way to celebrate an anniversary, especially after being served a delicious country breakfast before our find.

A real treasure trove, and so attractively displayed before we even entered the doors.

Old containers filled with fresh pansies, were sitting everywhere, outside the door to the store.

We opened the old door and were greeted with this warm, cozy scene.  It felt like we were stepping back fifty years.  It smelled like someone had been baking all morning, and the fire in the corner, created warmth.

I found myself wishing I could sit down on the rocker and watch the fire for the rest of the morning.

The owner added a special element to our visit, with her gracious hospitality and conversation.  The prices were great and the inventory was well chosen.  Many memories came flooding back to me, as I walked through each of the rooms.


I remember that my grandmas both used brushes like these, and I pictured them laying on their wooden dressers, just like the scene before me.


I can only imagine the stories these rolling pins could tell, if they were able to share.


 On a cool April morning, we leisurely viewed the well worn treasures waiting to find a new home. The owner thanked us for coming and warmly invited us back.  I look forward to the next visit.

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday afternoon, and appreciated the privilege of stepping back in time with me!


Judy said...

A treasure trove indeed! There were many things there that caught my eye. It so reminds me of a similar place near here...with barns and shops full of antiques...and most personable owners who are always willing to chat! Thanks for taking us with you on your visit!

Melinda said...

What a fun place to visit!

Lots of goodies to look at.

M :)

lindsey said... would make my day to find a place like this! I particularly like the alphabet sampler. So glad you had a great time.


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