Tuesday, April 30, 2013

 Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, when I went to the mailbox and discovered a package for me, I was thrilled.  Seeing that it was my long awaited cookbook, I was even happier.  You see, that is what gifts do for people, especially unexpected gifts, out-of-the-blue gifts, no matter if it is a phone call, a card in the mailbox, a tiny flower at the door...whatever way it appears it is so special.  It means that someone, somewhere, was thinking about you.  But...not only were they thinking about you, they somehow, in someway, took the time to let you know those exact thoughts.  Wow!  Isn't that an encouraging way to live?

I was flipping through a book on gift giving recently, by Rachel Ashwell.
I want to share a paragraph from her book, with you;

"Recently a neighbor of mine moved away, and I wanted to relay the message, "I'll miss you, and here's a little bit of Malibu to take with you."  I gathered some sand and tiny shells from the local beach, and put them into a simple antique mustard jar.  The individual items were of little financial value,  but the combination of the two elements-the sentiment and my effort-gave the gift emotional value."

She goes on to say, "A simple tray of food can be a wonderful way to tell someone you care.  I(Rachel) bring my daughter a tray every evening before bed.  I give her a cup of tea or a glass of milk and some cookies.  I always use a china cup and saucer, a pretty old plate and a linen napkin.  I include a little note with a couple words to wrap up some experience of the day. I know these notes mean a great deal to her.  In fact, she has an incredible filing system for them; she puts them inside a stuffed animal that she keeps on her bed.  That tattered old whale probably has more notes than stuffing by now."

Life at times can be hard.  Lonliness can be real.  Days can be tiring and trying at times.  A tiny gift in whatever form, can brighten the load, lift the spirits, and lighten the step for others, wouldn't you agree?  They certainly do for me.

So, I decided that I was going to have a giveaway, so that I could share the joy with someone, like I experienced yesterday from the contents in my mailbox.

There are no strings attached.  I just simply want to say thank you to each of you who visit my blog, whether you do it once a year, or every week.  Thank you! 

All I'd like you to do, is to comment and tell me about a simple, unexpected gift you received in the last few years, whether it was a smile when you most needed it, a handwritten note, a gift of time from someone, or whatever, you were given that meant a lot to you at the time you received it.

On Thursday evening a name will be drawn from the comments, and I will send you a small gift I bought at the Pottery Barn Outlet.  It is a mercury glass tray with three mercury glass votive holders, three battery operated votives(I prefer the real kind, but my husband prefers the battery operated kind.  He says I can't burn the house down with those:), and some reindeer moss scattered on the tray(if you prefer that on the tray or not).


Even if you never comment, feel free to comment now.
Consider it my way, of serving you cookies and tea, in a china cup.


Brigitte said...

I visit your blog every day to see what you have to say or show!

irene said...

I've been following your blog for several years now, thru Judy's front Porch one of the MGCC. I love all your creative ideas for little gifts and hospitality and also enjoy your stories and pics about your family. Irene for BC

irene said...

I have been following your blog for several years and I don't think I have ever commented. I found it thru Judy's Front Porch. I enjoy your creative ideas for gifts and hospitality, and your stories about your family

Debbie said...

Good morning! I know just what you mean. Sometimes it is the unexpected little something that can lift your spirits like none other. My husband does this for me soo often, he's the one who comes to my mind immediately when thinking about thinks like this. The other night after I had been at the ER with my mom for hours, when I got home, and after settling her in her bed, he had a hot cup of my favorite tea sitting on my nightstand by our bed. Warmed my heart like you can't imagine. I need to DO things like this more for others. Enjoy your day!

jem60 said...

I visit your blog daily and enjoy catching up on what is going on. I received a nice surprise from my best friend who only lives just a few miles from me, she told me to stop by her paper box that there was a little something in there for me to my surprise she had left me a beautiful glass to add to my collection. She is the best and it made my day, somedays I surprise her with some gluten free baked goodies. Thanks for sharing.

jem60 said...

Good Morning, I have follow your blog daily through Lovella's blog I so enjoy reading what is happening in your part of the country. I recieved a phone call from my best friend who asked me to stop and pick up a package that was in her paper box she had gotten me a glass for a collection that I had started I was so surprised by her gift. I like to surprise her also by leaving baked gluten free treats for her. Thank you for sharing

not your ordinary anything said...

I love reading your blog. You have so many great ideas and recipes and encouragement. Mail is one of my favorite things, so any handwritten note is a delight. But recently my cousin sent me a package full of cute items from Target's Threshold line, lip gloss, and delicious Trader Joe's salsa. Since I just moved to a new state it is even more special to get mail from family and friends. ~ Chelsea

Judy G said...

I'm hooked and am a daily viewer. I am sometimes the recipient of some of your gifts.I had knee surgery in February and was surprised by my brother and SIL with a quart of homemade soup and applesauce for our dinner. Unexpected and very much enjoyed!

Judy said...

Unexpected gifts? Well, here's a little one...very recent. A nice man showed up at my door yesterday with a delivery from someone else. Two beautiful mugs! I was gifted a lovely mug last week...and commented that I would see if I could find a matching one for hubby. Someone took my comment to heart...and gifted me with not one...but two more mugs to match. An unexpected little something that I will always remember when I see those mugs.

Thanks for all your little gifts of 'ideas and encouragements' for making life more beautiful!

Trish said...

Love your blog and my best gift today was to babysit my 6 month old grandson for the first time. He was such a sweet boy for his Nonnie. He is my 11th grandchild and the only one who lives close to me.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

aww.... you have a kind and generous heart, Judy!

Lately, I have been receiving little presents rather frequently. Our youngest daughter is dating a very nice guy who must have the gift of giving. He must remember things I mention in our many chats and somehow finds items that relate. I love glass bottles and jars and said I would like some tiny ones. He found me some very cute ones in various colors. :)

My daughter has caught on to this gift-giving idea and she surprised me with tiny little perfume bottles that she found at the Christmas Tree shop. I am using one of them in my Sunday post!

Well, your giveaway is so nice!

Kathleen said...

I love the simplicity of that message. Little random acts of kindness are so very powerful. Leave it to you to see/single out that one paragraph.

Love our heart!


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