Monday, April 8, 2013

The big tree is blooming in the side garden, and I find myself looking forward to this time every year.

Each delicate little bloom provides exquisite beauty, including those blossoms that fall on the ground.

Another pretty flower has found a home in my side garden.  My dear aunt gave it to me.  Creatively, she formed it out of flea market plates glued together.  The white and clear stones she glued on to it, add to it's uniqueness.  I feel honored to have one of her creations.

She glued this small glass bottle on the back of the plates.  We used a black iron rod to hold it up.  Best part, I will not have to water it, no matter how hot and dry it gets this summer.

I had to stop the car and capture the brilliant yellow daffodils, growing right along the road.

I wondered who planted them, since there were no homes nearby.  What a kind gesture on someone's part, to plant bulbs for everyone to enjoy.  The site brought me a smile on this clear, warm spring day.

 I discovered our annual visitors again. 
Together they traveled to our back yard to nest and deliver the eggs.
It was good to see them again. 
They seem to enjoy each other's company.
The weather was exceptional today.  It truly does feel like spring here.
Thank you for stopping by.


Crickit said...

What beautiful flowers and I love the flower plate! It looks nice in your garden :)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Gorgeous pictures as always....Love visiting your blog...

Kathleen said...

I have a friend who makes similar "yard art". She gathers plates, jars, dishes, etc. and makes some amazing things. I love the one gifted to you.

I think those same Mallards are in my neighborhood too :)


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