Friday, February 8, 2013

 A touch of "heart" on this rainy, cool, overcast Friday.  Afterall, hearts and flowers can always brighten a day.

Bits and pieces of pink, red, and tender moments from the picture files of my computer.  Thanks to "", these simple mosaics are so much fun to make and share.
You might enjoy checking out the site too.

If you find extra time you may want to see the gorgeous mosaics that are shared on the blog...
I think she creates exceptional mosaics involving everyday beauty of life.

As for this Friday morning, I wish you moments to share kindness and beauty with the world around you today.
 I close with a good quote I read recently;

"You can make more friends in a month by being interested in them then in ten years, by trying to get them interested in you."    ~Charles I. Allen


Debbie said...

Good morning! loved this as always! Enjoy your week-end Judy, and keep warm and cozy!

Judy said...

Hearts and flowers surely brighten my day. And friends...all the more! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

debi said...

Love the quote so much, no truer words my friend! I'm always glad to spend time here with you.

I saw reports of pretty severe storm heading your safe and stay warm.


Christine said...

I can always find inspiration when I visit!
Great quote.

irene said...

I have been enjoying for blog for quite some time now. I enjoy all your little ideas and the things you do with your grandkids. Also really enjoyed that quote this morning. Isn't that soo true.

lindsey said...

I love your mosaic and thanks for sharing the cowparsley is lovely and she is from Devon where my daughter lives and we lived for 19 years:)

Melinda said...

Beautiful pictures and a very true quote.

Have a great weekend!

M :)


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