Wednesday, February 20, 2013

 Some weeks I only blog once or twice.

Some times I blog twice in one day.  Today was one of those days.  I just could not help myself as I saw these sights ahead of me, when I was driving home this evening.  Now, for some silly reason, I found myself thinking that perhaps you too, would enjoy seeing what I saw.  Oh, how kind you blogging friends are, to put up with me sharing what I find most beautiful, especially in the realm of sunsets.  Grab a cup of coffee, and take in nature's picture show on the quiet country roads in my part of the world;

Would these sights had you stopping by the side of the road to take pictures?  Or do you just smile at people like me, who do that?

Thanks for stopping by again!


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Great share! Thanks for the extra blogging effort!

Melinda said...

I would have stopped too! They are beautiful.

M :)

debi said...

I totally would have stopped and photographed those...they are awesome!


GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

These are really spectacular photos and I am enjoying them so much! I am sure happy you stopped to capture them and share here on your blog :)

Terri said...

These are BEAUTIFUL, Judy! I would have been parked right behind you doing the same thing! I have more pictures of sunrises on my iphone than I do of my kids, I think! The sun rises right in front of me as I take Emma to school in the morning- I can't help but snap a shot almost every morning! It's true that "nothing is new under the sun"...and yet every single sunrise feels new and different!

lindsey said...

Beautiful photos, dont you just love it when the light bursts through the skies? Your journey home looks like a wonderful drive.

Judy said...

So beautiful...God's artwork! I stopped at the roadside yesterday as well to take photos...while the cars passed by and wondered what I was up to.

Happy@Home said...

Your photos are all so gorgeous, Judy. I appreciate your efforts to post twice in one day and share this beauty with us.
I have come to appreciate the beauty of sunrises and sunsets so much more since I began blogging. I don't often carry my camera with me in the car, however, so I am probably missing a lot of beautiful shots.


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