Monday, February 18, 2013

It is Monday evening and I am sitting here in a quiet house.  It was not that way this past weekend.

You see...we had some real special little visitors, some of them human and one of them not:)
Who ever would have thought that I would be spending time talking and interracting with a rather "old" pink flamingo...imaginary conversations and a few photo sessions were included.

Being a maw maw provides some most interesting moments and I love it!

It is good to have a friend who always listens and has time for you:)

Here the three of them pose for another photo shoot.  Notice the older one sharing love and tender care with the younger one.  I pray that will always be part of their lives,

We had a some moments of laughter and admiration.

That's it...just a little something for you tonight!

Thanks so much for stopping by.


Nanette said...

Sweet pictures and especially sweet little people! Thanks for sharing!

debi said...

Glad to hear you were enjoying time with your family....was getting worried :-) You are missed when you aren't posting....


lindsey said...

Lovely photo's judy, gldd you had some family time and some flamingo time :) said...

There is nothing more precious than these little ones! Mine are already growing up so fast, but fortunately, a new one is due in March. That makes 8. :) Nothing lights our faces up quicker than to see one of these little ones coming our way! Who could possibly have known how special these relationships would be to us?

I always love your pictures Judy, you have such a beautiful bunch!!

Melinda said...

Good times, they are the best!

M :)

Crickit said...

What a sweet time for you! Your grandchildren are just the cutest! :)

Judy said...

Smiles all around! Those are the best of times.


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