Thursday, February 21, 2013

I miss seeing flowers.  Just in case you miss them too, I thought I would share some with you from my archives.  They seem to be a dose of medicine for me on this cold winter evening.

Late this afternoon, I happened to walk past the window.  The tree outside our kitchen window was filled with a variety of birds, and they seemed thrilled with the opportunity to feed on its abundance of berries.  As they ate,  I watched in amazement.  It appeared to me, as if an invitation would have been sent out to birds everywhere, to come and feast on the tree.  At one time there were at least twenty birds on the tree, each grabbing berries and eating them.  My husband thought that maybe they knew a storm was coming.  Could that be it?

They didn't seem the least bothered by me or my camera.  They were hungry and dinner was free.

I observed this Robin retrieving at least three berries in rapid succession, and notice how he has them stored in his neck. 

It amazes me as to how the birds are so carefully provided for, by their Creator.  I do wish you could have seen the abundance of berries on this tree a few months ago, and their feasting continues.  The same process has taken place each winter since I have lived in my home, but this is the first time I took the time to notice it.

A tree of berries to provide food over the winter, for a multitude of birds.  How perfectly it has all been designed.

Last evening it was sunsets...this evening birds and flowers.  Makes one wonder what will be next:)


Melinda said...

12 inches of snow in my front yard today. No birds here.

M :)

lindsey said...

I love spring flowers and I love birds...we have snow drops out in bloom and other bulbs just beginning to peep through the soil :)
Thank you for sharing your lovely photo's.

Debbie said...

Great pictures! I enjoyed that! Have a good week-end!

debi said...

Love looking out your window with you. Those birds are amazing. I love looking at the markings on so many different birds...God's artistry.

They are really great photos!


Crickit said...

What beautiful pictures of the birds outside of your window! All different in their colors and design. Our creator is such an awesome God! :)

Judy said...

Great photos of the birds feasting on berries! I think we all love spring...and the signs of its arrival.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

The flower collage is lovely and the bird photos are amazing!

Nanette said...

Judy, your pictures are beautiful! I don't get to see Cedar Waxwings here in the South. I did look out to see 4 sets of Cardinals and a Hawk sitting on my Bluebird House yesterday! I will try to grab my camera next time! Thanks for sharing!!


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