Sunday, February 3, 2013

In the early hours of this morning, I was reflecting on life and the speed with which it passes.
This process happens for me, especially when I face the chore of cleaning my cupboards, which often involves going through "way too many" old pictures.  
I come from a family of picture takers.  We took pictures of people and events...always.
I guess that is a good thing in some ways, since my memory sometimes eludes me.

I found this one from the winter of 1991.

Can it be this scene was 22 years ago?  Can it be I now have grandchildren the age of my two youngest daughters pictured here?   I know we all say it all too often, and we have heard our mothers and grandmothers repeat it frequently, but time just passes so quickly.

I look back and I see clearly the faithfulness of God in my life.  I look forward and know without a doubt, His faithfulness will continue to lead me, one step at a time.  It reminds me of an old hymn, I can still hear my grandma singing (with all her heart!), while standing in front of the ironing board.

"Great is Thy faithfulness.
 Great is Thy faithfulness.
 Morning by morning, new mercies I see.
 All I have needed Thy hand has provided.
 Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me."      ~Thomas O. Chisholm

It gives my heart peace today, knowing that no matter how fast life seems to be passing by, God's faithfulness is always there to greet me each day.

Wishing you time to enjoy some special moments in this, a brand new day!


Debbie said...

Loved this as always...always find such peace at your blogspot...Hope that wonderful hymn sticks in my heart today! Enjoy your day!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Oh so true how time passes so quickly. One good thing about getting older is we are able to see the provisions God has allowed and can look back on the trails and realized we have come t hrough them. Have a great day!

debi said...

So beautiful and so each day as if it were my last :-)


lindsey said...

Great photo...I see the likeness between you then and your daughters now. God's faithfulness is truly amazing and I love that old hymn too.

Melinda said...

Cute photo. It is amazing how fast time does fly.

M :)

Judy said...

Time hurries on...but reflecting on God's faithfulness along the journey is the best way to travel! You have a way of reminding us what matters most in life!

Jeane` said...

Thank you for that lovely blast from the past. It 'tis a shame, however, that the truth is now known. The boys weren't simply INTIMIDATED of me. Oh no. I see it very clearly now (but that was gentle and nice of you to say). ;)


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