Wednesday, February 13, 2013

 Years ago, my parents gave my husband and I, a very special gift.  They had a good friend who just happened to be an accomplished seamstress and quilt maker.  They gave each of their five children the privilege of working with this dear, skilled lady, and designing a quilt for our homes.
It was such a privilege to work with her, and her insights and expertise were most impressive.

Today I am sharing the quilt that I designed and she so expertly sewed and quilted.  Our bedroom at the time of this event, was painted forest green, with white ceiling and white woodwork.  Since I have I always liked red hearts, together her and I created a lattice type look for the quilt, with flowers, hearts and vines, lightly scattered throughout the lattice work.  I made many visits to her pretty, little basement room, where her impressive quilting business took place.  I was most impressed with the detail, the stitching, and the creativity this lady exhibited, throughout every visit.

 Here the quilt is on our guest room bed.  It is on top of a down comforter, but it's beauty is evident to all who stay here. 

 You can click on any picture to enlarge it and see the expert hand stitching with each stitch.  Even after all these years, the hearts and flowers still bring a smile to my face when I walk in the room.

 Today, this wonderful lady continues to attend our church, but due to physical difficulties, she no longer has the privilege of quilting.  I wish it was possible for me to share with you, all of the masterpieces she has created in her quilting years, and all the awards that she earned from it all.  Today, I honor this humble, talented woman, and the beauty that she added to our home those many years ago and to this day.

 More hearts from our small powder room, in this Valentine's week.

 Speaking of hearts and love...I found this picture the other day, and I thought it worth sharing with you.  Our two daughters were quite young, when our youngest couldn't help but let her sister know how loved she was:)  A rare moment, in that love did not always exist like this between them, but nevertheless, it remains a treasure to me today. 

Wishing you moments this week, when it is confirmed to you, that you are loved and treasured!
Thank you for stopping by today!  I appreciate each of you!


Crickit said...

What a beautiful quilt! Such a treasure. Happy Valentine's Day! :)

debi said...

Judy I loved the quilt...I too am a red heart person:-)
It was awesome of you to honor this woman who created such masterpieces with her own hands.
I have two my Grandmother made that I love. I may need to share them one day!

The photo of the girls, so precious..
Have a blessed day!


Christine said...

The picture of The Kiss, is priceless! Pinch on one cheek and a kiss on the other. Her face says it all.1492 eoptab said...

The quilt is a treasure, no wonder you smile when you walk into the room. What an investment that precious lady made into so many young lives. I'm praying a special prayer for her today!

Happy@Home said...

Your parents thought of a very lovely and lasting gift for each of their children. The quilt is just beautiful and so nice how you worked along with this talented lady to create the finished product.
Happy Valentine's Day to you, Judy.

NanaNor's said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Oh I love this quilt-so much love went into the making. How precious the gift from your parents to design it and have the gal make it for you. The stitching is indeed wonderful; I'm a quilter so I should know. Thank you for sharing
I love the photo of your girls together.
Hugs, Noreen

lindsey said...

Thats a beautiful quilt, what a treat to be able to watch some one so talented at work. Love the kissing photo too!


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