Saturday, November 24, 2012

 The small wooden table was given to their mother when she was their age.  Now, it was their turn to gather around it, with their little plates full of turkey and filling, and cranberry sauce. 
It was a most special evening celebrating our Thanksgiving day.

Beside their table, was the adults table, adorned with a beautiful red and white vintage tablecloth and old red glassware.  Candles added ambience to it all.  Underneath each place setting was a question card for everyone to answer. 

Our oldest daughter and her husband hosted the meal.  The blurriness of this picture was probably an indication of how she must have felt inside, preparing a turkey dinner while helping to care for five little ones.  Thankfully she has a very helpful husband(who by the way, cleaned the house for her), and a stepson who was in the kitchen helping with the final details.  Their family offers warm hospitality with every visit.  This evening was no exception, as they graciously welcomed my husband and I, and her two grandmas.
Before the dinner, reluctantly, and at the coaxing of their mother, the little ones shared songs and words from their Thanksgiving program at school.  We loved watching their expressions, when they finally realized that this WAS going to be a part of the evening festivities:), and they might as well do their part.

Two weeks ago, this great-grandma learned the "beginning steps" of the world of the "Kindle", and these little ones were thrilled to offer her their help.  They were so involved in the moment that they did not realize that I took a picture.  Young and old alike, taking part in the world of technology...younger than more confidence than the older.

Moments of tenderness with another one of their great-grandmas.  Four generations in one house, sharing our hearts of thanksgiving.

Father and son are thankful for the holiday time together. 
Good food, laughter, time to share, games around the table, health and strength for it all...for this and more, we have most thankful hearts.  Truly each are treasures we never want to take for granted. 
Thankful for all of you, too.  Hope you have an enjoyable weekend!


lindsey said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful celebration. The tables looks so welcoming and I can just imagine the excitement from those little ones!

Christine said...

This post is like looking at a Norman Rockwell story.

Kathleen said...

No doubt your daughter has been your understudy for a good many years. I'm not surprised she pulled it off with such creativity & flourish.

Yes, I'd say you have much for which to give thanks; and I thank YOU for sharing some of it with us.

corners of my life said...

The children's table is heart warming. Such a blessing.

Judy said...

I missed this post earlier. So nice to see and hear of your family Thanksgiving festivities. Your grands are so sweet!

Happy@Home said...

A most heartwarming post, Judy. To see four generations of your family together enjoying Thanksgiving is so nice.
Your daughter thought of every detail to make this a special day for everybody. I am most impressed to be able to do this with five little ones and she looks so pretty too. Very nice to receive the help and support from her husband and stepson too. You must feel so proud.
The photo of the children at their own little table is so cute.


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