Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Last week one evening, I was on the road heading home.  It was late in the afternoon, and dusk was setting in.  I had my mind on getting home, because I was tired and it had been an extremely busy day.

For some reason, I glanced to my left as I was passing a big dairy farm, and the sight I saw, instantly took me back to my childhood.  Does that happen to you?  Something, oftentimes unexpectedly, can instantly transport us back to another year of our lifetime.  I saw cows on the hill above the road, walking as in a line(a long line), headed back to the barn.  It was milking time and they were headed home:)

 This sight reminded me of the years I spent visiting my uncle and aunt's farm, as a child.  My parents would pack us all in their blue Chevy staionwagon, and we would head for the country.  Oh, I can still remember the fun that we anticipated as we drove the forty-five minute drive.  It always felt like an adventure to us, as we were town folk.  My uncle and aunt lived on a big dairy farm, and every visit offered new and interesting happenings. 
One of those happenings, were when our cousins invited us, in the late afternoon, to head to the meadows and help herd the cows up to the barn, to be milked.

We would "encourage" the cows to head back to the barn.  For our cousins, this was a normal event, for us it was more fun than an amusement park adventure. 

That was then, and this is now.  Cows are still walking back to the barn at dusk, and milking is continuing to take place.  Without a doubt, the processes have drastically changed, and most likely the farmer who owns the cows, no longer has names assigned to each cow.  Now they have numbers. 

Life is so full of changes, just like my grandma would repeatedly tell me.  Now that I am a grandma, I know that better than ever.  But, what has not changed, is that cows are still heading back to the barn at dusk, and that I love to head home at the end of every day.

Going is what makes today the biggest travel day of the year.  People are headed home, whatever that home may be. 

I pray that you will in some unique way, experience a warm, personal "welcome" from someone this Thanksgiving holiday.  That someone lets you know that you are special and that they are truly glad to see you.   I pray that in your heart you find time to stop and reflect on your blessings in life, and sincerely thank God for them.

Home..."May its doors be open to those in need, and its rooms be filled with kindness.  May joy shine from its windows, and His presence never leave it."  ~Jewish home blessing

Happy Thanksgiving dear friends!

"Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder."  ~G. K. Chesterton

Tonight I will draw a name for my wreath giveaway.  Please feel free to leave a comment on my previous post.

My husband drew the winner's name this evening, for the gently used Christmas wreath.  It is Kim from..  Congratulations Kim!  I never met Kim in person, but I have been visiting her blog for a few years.  Her gardens, her decorating abilities, her kind heart, and her organizational skills, are so inspiring to me.   She too, enjoys finding good deals at flea markets and consignment shops.  You are in for a treat if you have time to visit her.
I hope you enjoy your wreath over the holidays, Kim. 

Thank you also to everyone who entered, and for the kind comments you shared. 


Stacey said...

Hi Judy. This is such a sweet post. I copied and saved the prayer you included.

You know we just moved back to the Dallas area where we both grew up. We are constantly having moments where we feel we've been in a certain spot or remember something from childhood. Familiar places can do that to you. :)

lindsey said...

Memories from our childhood are always thought provoking. Your post brought memories to me of growing up with family friends who had a pig farm and as children we would spend many hours 'running wild; and enjoying ourselves. I pray that you and your family have a truly blessed Thanksgiving.

Kathleen said...

What a lovely sentiment & remembrance. Isn't it remarkable how many sights & scents take us back to by-gone eras?

Have a wonderful & new-memory-making Thanksgiving!

Christine said...

You sure do have a way of making me feel special. Childhood memories have good feelings, like cows returning home.

You give hugs to all those grandchildren.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Judy said...

Wishing you and your family a most blessed Thanksgiving. Beautiful photos of 'going home' from your part of the world! Thanks for sharing.

And congrats to Kim...your wreath winner!

Happy@Home said...

Your grandma was right about life being full of change, but it is comforting to know that some things never change. Lovely photos and memories you have shared with us, Judy.
I am very excited to have been chosen as the winner of your generous giveaway! You can be sure that I will enjoy the beautiful wreath this holiday season. In fact, I already have a spot chosen to display it. Thank you so much.
As it is now the day after Thanksgiving, I hope you and your family had a most Happy Thanksgiving.

Anneliese said...

Such a beautiful post! I love that not everything changes! And although sometimes the changes seem overwhelming, it is good to realize and remember that inside we are still the same people needing the same love and acceptance as ever.


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